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Best Games for Dreamcast – Retro Gaming Console


Sega Dreamcast was one of the pioneers of the console industry. Well, this fantastic station comes with various components which influence today’s consoles, such as the microphone for audio, online play, as well as a visual memory unit. You can also play it on your Retro Gaming Console (watch it working).


Nintendo didn’t invent the latter feature. This took the idea from the VMU of DreamCast. Yes, the dual-screen Nintendo DS handheld was not the first of its kind.


But we are not only talking about the technological innovations that Sega has nailed. For the avid Dreamcast users, this game station has left them with many unique titles. Perhaps, some of you still remember many exciting games on the Dreamcast that you have played before. But maybe there are some titles that you missed back then.


For those who want to enjoy nostalgic events, or collect retro games, or just out of curiosity, you have come to the right page.


Let’s learn about the best games ever made for the Sega Dreamcast machine.



Street Fighter III: Third Strike

        Street Fighter III: Third Strike - Retro Gaming Console

It is the third installation of the Street Fighter game series and is deemed the most successful one on the Dreamcast console.


Compared to its predecessors, the Third Strike is more massive, more fantastic, and more incredible. It adds new characters and superb options, which will make the players addicted to every element of the game. There are 13 players on the roster. But that’s not the interesting point. It comes with options to allow the player to set the gameplay settings to suit their play style.


Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online

It was pretty rare to play MMORPGs on the console since they were popular on PC devices. However, Phantasy Star Online was the exception. The Dreamcast has one of the most unforgettable games in this genre. Back then, many had called this way ahead of its time.


Phantasy Star Online has such a large fan base. The online communities were pretty huge back then.


Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes - Retro Gaming Console


In the fighting genre, many people could not move on from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It is the developer of Capcom’s tag-team fighting game.


You will never get bored with the roster selections in this game. With the 56 playable characters from Capcom and Marvel, there are many interesting points that you can enjoy in this game. The deep fighting game with competitive characters always indulges the players in exploring more and more.


If you want to retrace your memories with the Dreamcast, it is a game that you will want to include in your wishlist. It was one of the best 2D fighter games in the game. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.


Rez Rez

Rez Rez

Rez is a great shooter game with great features like nice visuals, great music, and unique gameplay.


Rez offers the player to play as a hacker assigned to eliminate a virus inside a computer and return it to stock status. But what makes the gameplay unique is that all of Rez happens inside the computer.


You will float through the environment and take pictures. Every shot you make will trigger a musical track. It gives you a tremendous audio-visual experience at the same time.



Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur was one of the top titles on the Dreamcast since it had such great features for fighting game lovers. It has severe fighting and rich arcade entertainment. If you like fighting games where the characters yield specific weapons and a set of skills, Soul Calibur has everything. It has niche graphics, a stunning soundtrack, fantastic gameplay, and excellent overall quality.




Shenmue 2

Shenmue 2

The Shenmue series is a successful title on Dreamcast. I am sure most of us who ever played Dreamcast have played this game or at least heard about this title somewhere. Shenmue was not globally popular. However, it was one of the most popular games back then. But I’d nod to Shenmue 2 precisely because it deserves to be crowned as the best title in the series. It has stunning graphics, great mechanics and gameplay, as well as great stories. The game invites you to join in such a great adventure.

Although I listed Shenmue 2 here, I’d recommend trying all of them from Shenmue 1, 2, and 3. Anyway, Shenmue 3 is available on PC and PS4.


Grandia II

Grandia II

Grandia II was highly competing with the big names like Final Fantasy in the turn-based battle game genre. This RPG was so addictive that an hour wouldn’t be enough time to finish a chunk of the challenges in the game. The excellent combat system is one of the most significant selling points of this game.


Depending on what you command, the characters can move around, strike, or retreat. The characters can also cancel one another’s moves, preventing attacks from the enemies and turning the table of the battle. The Dreamcast was where Grandia II began before being accepted into PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows. 


Power Stone 2

Power Stone 2

The 3D combat game is similar to Smash Bros on Nintendo. Each player can roam in the arena, making every possibility to win the game.



Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 - Retro Gaming Console

Back then, who didn’t love this unique character? The hedgehog always had a way of impressing the players in the game.


Sonic Adventure 2 was a hugely successful sequel that came with many improvements in terms of the camera features. It came with excellent graphics at that time. It maximized the use of the VMU feature. My favorite game that I play on my Retro Gaming Console.




It is one of the best arcade shooters on the console. As a player, you will control the ship to attack the enemies. Your boat could transform its coloration from black to white. Based on the colors, your boat could either absorb enemy attacks or get destroyed. We may have known some titles of arcade shooters on the Dreamcast, but Ikaruga is the best of all of them.



So, what do you think about the list I shared with you above? Please let me know in the comment box section below.


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