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Super Console X Stick



As technology is getting better day by day, Gaming experiences are becoming also good. There are many different types of games that may be played both physically and online. Video gaming is an extremely popular form of entertainment with over two billion players worldwide. Initially, gaming consoles were introduced in the market, then came the consoles which are smaller in size but Kinhank introduced its new product which is very smaller in size as well as fastest in its category. This device is very compact as it can be kept in a pocket. Everything is the same as Super Console X Pro, but in a TV Stick physical factor. However, it has been replaced with 2 GB of ram, and EMMC of 16 GB makes it more powerful. This device is compatible with PSP/PS1/GBC/MD and other ROMs.

But the best retro console in the market is Retrostation 14k.

Retro games are said to be popular because of memories of historical times, the belief that classic gamers are more creative and imaginative, and the simplicity of the game, which demands fewer hours of play. In the Retrogaming industry, one of the best consoles named Super Console X, Super Console X Pro was introduced by Kinhank. These games were introduced by the Chinese market in an industry that is very economical in price. The release of those consoles proved that the demand for cheap yet high-performing devices is rising. After these devices, Kinhank worked on making users’ experience better by introducing Super Console X Stick.


A range of gaming consoles has been launched in the industry of video gaming. A gaming console is a box or gadget that connects to a television and is only to play games but this device can play games as well as stream videos. It is a gadget that uses a video stream or image to display a video game that may be played using a gaming controller. This game was introduced into the industry by the Chinese market, which is known for its low prices. The release of this console proves that there is a growing need for low-cost, high-performance devices. Super Console X Stick offers a wide range of retro games that can be played while remembering your old childhood memories. Some people purchase this device just because they love the long range of games in the Super Console X Stick.


Super Console X Stick can be kept in pockets as it is a very small and handy gadget. The Super Console X Stick has dual functions that run EmuELEC 3.9 and Android 7.1.2. Retro gaming is now significantly smoother because of the added 1GB RAM. The predecessor of this device was Super Console X Pro, which has one GB of Ram. This device also can run 4K videos on YouTube or other media files. On the Android system, it supports online TV by Google as well as supports installing applications. In the EmuELEC version, there are thousands of retro games already installed, it supports downloading games, has a 64-bit open-source system, and lots of classical games to play. This device has advanced specifications with high performing operating system and configuration. 


Super Console X Stick is a video gaming device and video streaming device which brings you back to your old memories as it is designed modern but it has options to play classical games too, small and USB type shape, made with plastic material. This game has a variety of more than 50000 games. It can be a good gift for children, or for those who have a love for gaming. This console is so nice that it can make users busy all day playing with it. No one can get bored using it just because it has a wide range of games and functions. It keeps an individual away from bad habits and overthinking.



  • Super Console X Stick is equipped with a high-performance Amlogic S905X, much faster than the old S905M, Quad-Core 64-bit chip which provides smooth operations and stronger resolutions along with A53 ARM@CortexTM with 1.5 GHz CPU, GPU has 4 Cores with MaliTM-450. 
  • It has DDR3 Ram which runs so fast.
  • It supports Live TV watching which provides the best television experience and best picture quality.
  • It supports a Wi-Fi connection to be connected with the network all the time which will be useful for both of the things it offers; watching television and playing games online. With the WiFi connection, users can connect their gamepads.
  • This device can support Google play to install different applications.
  • It provides a wide range of languages to be selected which are around more than 20 in numbers.
  • It also supports Multiplayer options that can be played by multiple users.
  • This device supports HDMI which provides amazing graphics.


 What Do We Get Inside Box?

Inside the box, Super Console X Stick is found with 2 Wireless Controllers that run on WiFi, TV remote is seen, Different sized cards can be purchased on the choice of the buyer which are in the size of 64GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. HDMI Extension Cable, Power Cable, adapter, and USB Hubs are found in the box. 

In the 64GB card, users get 31000+ games, in the 128 GB card users get 41000+ games, and in the 256 GB Card users get 50000+ games. This device has a very impressive display that supports up to 4K and Ultra HD output. Pixels are 1280/720, which can be connected to Projectors, Televisions, and other devices. The larger screen gets more clear. Switching languages is very easy as it contains more than 20 languages. The best thing about Super Console X Stick is that more than 5 people can play on it at one time. 

Happy gaming and get your Retro Game Console here.


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