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Gaming has risen to the forefront of many people’s minds as companies look for new ways to make money. Gaming has gained a greater audience and significance in the young culture which connects people to play real-time games. After computers, television was the third source of inspiration for early electronic games.

The phrase “video game” might refer to all of these mediums, or it can refer to games only played on devices with video displays, such as televisions and consoles.

Video games are also known as virtual games, which are an interaction between a user interface and the input devices. But the best retro console in the market is Retrostation 14k.


Super Console X Pro is a gaming console introduced in the market by Kinhank, which is best known for its retro gaming. It is based on the Linux Operating System. EMUELEC is a part of Linux and it contains a lot of emulators. This device has a Quad-Core Amlogic S905X CPU along with 1 Gigabyte of Ram.

Inside the box, you will find a pair of Gaming controllers which resemble PlayStation 3 Dual Shock Style, supported with 2.4 GHZ USB. Power adopter, HDMI Cable, Remote control, and USB Hub with four ports are also found inside the box.

This device comes with multiple choices of three different sizes of MicroSD Cards, with the capacity of 64,128 and 256 GB. It depends upon the user to select storage of their own choice.

The higher the space they choose, the more games are included in ROM. Around 80 emulators and up to fifty thousand games from systems like the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, and a host of others are included by default.

The predecessor of this console is Super Console X. Super Console X is equipped with an updated Android system and powerful chip to perform better.

Super Console X Pro is the latest retro video gaming console; suitable for televisions. Tons of retro games will bring back memories of your childhood.

The Super Console X Pro is elegant and sophisticated. It’s compact and light, but it doesn’t feel cheap. This device has a retro look to it. You will find multiple USB Ports along with a microSD card slot on the right-hand side.

On the backside, you will find Video Port, HDMI Output, LAN jack of Ethernet, Power button for switching off and turning on, and DC Jack. This device’s underside is properly vented, and it has four rubber feet to keep it elevated so that cooling will not be an issue. 


When this device is boosted up first, EMUELEC is seen. The Linux-based Operating System features the front end of EmulationStation. This device is Pre-loaded with thousands of games. This device makes it very easy to navigate simply the different gaming platforms.

These are primarily classified by gaming consoles such as the PSP, PS1, N64, and SNES. General categories, such as Favorites and Arcade, are also available.

You’ll be in Android if you remove the microSD card and turn the device on. Because the Super Console X Pro is an Android device, this is the case. However, unlike the MeCool BB2 Pro or the WeTek Play 2, the Super Console X Pro runs a touch screen optimized version of Android, not Android TV.

It has been discovered that Super Console X Pro is user-friendly. EmuELEC is easy to use, and it comes pre-loaded with thousands of games, providing metadata and box art. As a result, it’s a quite smooth experience.


The Super Console X Pro is a fantastic console. It includes over 80 classic gaming emulators and is ready to use right out of the box.

Users will have a various number of games depending on which microSD card they get. Over 30,000 games are included in the 64GB version, over 40,000 are included in the 128GB version, and over 50,000 are included in the 256GB version. Everything is already in place and operational.

Emulators have been installed, games have been pre-loaded, and box art and metadata have been obtained. To begin playing, simply turn on the Super Console X Pro. The performance is outstanding, especially considering the price.

When checked a bunch of old and new games on this device, everything ran exceptionally well. This console has that much variety of games that one can stuck on pre-installed games.

Kinhank contains a range of games that are guaranteed to work on the Super Console X Pro, rather than listing every ROM accessible. As a result, whichever game you choose will run smoothly and at decent frame rates. If you like to add games of your own choice, you can always add.

Don’t expect high-end machines to run every game smoothly. This device is not usually handling every PSP, there are a few noticeably games that are absent in the Playstation library.

If these are added manually by a user, one can face laggy performances. If this device is compared with other competitors, it has been observed that it has better cooling systems. 


Thousands of games come pre-loaded on the Super Console X Pro, but you may want to add your own. Fortunately, Kinhank simplifies the process of adding more games to the Console X Pro.

You have two options for doing so: using a microSD card or with your internet service. Adding games to the Super Console X Pro is as easy as removing the provided microSD card, inserting it into your computer, and dragging and dropping your games into the appropriate directories.

Additionally, you can use your network to add ROMs to this console. You’ll have to be connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or Ethernet to do this.

Connect to a Console using an SFTP application from a Computer on the same connection. Then, beneath the ROMs folder, drop your ROMs into the appropriate sub-folder. 

This device is very user-friendly; the experience is just amazing as it is just plugged and play, already downloaded metadata with stunning box art. Moreover, the Super Console X Pro is an excellent gadget for getting started with emulating with little to no effort. 

Happy gaming and get your Retro Game Console here.

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