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There are a lot of video gaming consoles introduced in the gaming industry, the console is an electronic device that displays a video game that may be played with a gaming controller using a video signal or image. Home consoles, which are usually permanently connected with display devices like television, monitors, or other display devices and operated with a separate gaming controller, or portable consoles, which have their screen and controller features are built inside the units and can be played anywhere. Hybrid consoles are integrated with the best features including both handheld and home gaming.

Video gaming consoles are a type of home computer developed specifically for playing video games, with an emphasis on price and accessibility for the general public, but deficient in raw computational power and flexibility. Simplicity is done in part by the usage of gaming cartridges or other simpler distribution methods, which reduce the work required to launch a game. However, this results in the ubiquity of proprietary formats, which promotes market share competition. More modern consoles have become more integrated with personal computers, making it easier for gaming companies to release games across several platforms. Furthermore, newer consoles can be used to replace media players that can play films and music via new features of streaming videos online by connecting to the internet service.

But the best retro console in the market is Retrostation 14k.


In the early 1970s, the first video gaming technology was invented. In 1966, Ralph came up with the idea of introducing simple games on a tv screen, which later became the Magnavox in 1972. Pong, the first famous arcade game, was developed by Nolan, Ted, and Allan at Atari, who was inspired by the game of table tennis on the Odyssey. It was launched in 1975. The initial consoles were limited to a small number of games that were embedded into the hardware. The Fairchild, a programmed console with switchable ROM cartridges, was released in 1976, but the Atari 2600, released in 1977, became the most popular.


Following the downfall of Microvision in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the advanced handheld game console market arose. LCD gaming consoles with backlit color graphics use a lot of power, therefore they are not as battery-friendly as the original Game Boy, which had monochrome graphics and lasted longer. Because rechargeable battery tech had not yet progressed, more complex game systems like the Sega Games and Atari failed to achieve the same level of success as the Game Boy.

Video gaming consoles are often sold in generations of 5 to 7 years, consoles with identical technical abilities or built at about the same time frame grouped. The industry has devised a razorblade system for providing consoles at a low profit or loss while profiting from licensing fees for every unit sold, with deliberate degradation to entice buyers to the next generation of consoles. Throughout the history of the console business, various manufacturers have vanished, but two or three major giants are always prominent in the market, some of the names are Sony, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Microsoft.

A handheld gaming console, sometimes known as a portable game console, is a compact, portable video game system having a built-in screen, gaming controls, and speakers for audio. Handheld gaming consoles are smaller in size if we compare with home video gaming consoles and combine the console, screen, speakers, and gamepads into a single unit, allowing them to be carried and played at any time or location.


Sup Game Console is a video gaming console that brings back your old memories as it is designed like classic gaming consoles, rectangular in shape, made with the best plastic material and battery space is given on its backside. This game has a variety of around 400 games which can be played both by girls and boys as different colors are offered for this console. This console can be the best gift for children, or for those who have a love for classic gaming. This device is especially the best gift for classic and old gaming lovers because this device comes in the category of retrogaming. This console is pretty nice in that it can make you busy all day playing with it. No one can get bored using it just because it has more than 400 games. It keeps an individual away from bad habits and overthinking.

What Comes inside the box?

This console has AV Adapter Cable which is also applicable to Television so that exciting games can be enjoyed easily on wide and bigger screens. This game has a 3.0 Inches color screen, with High definition display, along with images that are transmitted precisely and without delay. It comes with a decent 800mAH lithium battery, which is rechargeable and supports a continuous usage of gameplay for around 3-4 hours and the battery takes around one and half hours to fully charge. The port of AV, AV interface, and output support of video can be connected directly with Computer display or Television, as per the choice of users, screens can be switched between larger and smaller.


Features of this Sup Game Console are following:

  • It contains top top-quality Plastic Poly-Carbonate material.
  • Best possible workmanship is done in making it.
  • Package includes Charging cable, 80 cms TV Output cable, DC Cable, Controller, Battery, and an instruction manual comes with it.

Buttons on this SUP Game Console give it a classic look as it was in the 90s games. It contains X, Y, B, A buttons on the upper right side, Right, Left, Up, Bottom Arrow buttons are on the left upper side. Select and Start on the bottom side, Reset button on the upper side. On the left corner side, it contains the Volume button which up and down to increase and decrease the volume. On the right side, there is nothing. On the top, users get Power physical button, Micro USB Charging Port, and a headphone jack. On the bottom side, there is nothing. It is just very simple to use, when you turn it on, it will ask you to select language, after selecting it will open a big list of around 400 games, you just need to click on the select button on whatever game you want to play. Games can be played with provided buttons. Whenever you want to change the game just click on the reset button it will take you back to the list again. Best games of old times are installed in SUP Game Console.               

Happy gaming and get your Retro Game Console here.                                                                                                                   

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