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Is retro video games legit?

In this technological era, there are still people who are insane when it comes to the matter of gaming and retro games. Retro word is indicated with something from the recent past and includes a specific style or fashion from the recent past that was highly praised. Retro style is normally used with fashion but there are now various products in the market including games, clothes, TV, and movies that claim for being a restylestyle. If you are looking for some retro games and have heard that they are not legit, then our guide will help you to clear your queries. But, first, let us see what is retro gaming. Retro gaming is a term used for old-school and classic games. These are the kind of vintage games that the old generation used to play on consoles, computers, arcades, and handheld games. These games are not extinct and can be enjoyed through emulation with modern hardware. Various online platforms offer retro video game websites on which every year retro games are launched.

How to find cheap retro games?

People who love to play retro games face the issue of finding retro video game websites. Here we will list out the best retro gaming website and retro games that you can try out and will end up as a good source of entertainment for you. With the help of this guide, you will not have to worry about how to find cheap retro games.

  1. eBay

If you are looking for the best option for purchasing retro games then the best option for retro gaming websites includes eBay. It is one of the oldest and the most personalized spot for hunting old gaming consoles. This platform offers convenience and everything which a gamer demands related to retro gaming and the prices are also affordable. A gamer can buy retro gaming and its accessories piecemeal on eBay. One can get their piece complete-in-box (CIB) copy and can pay extra for their own in the BIN bids.

  1. Goodwill

Goodwill is also a good auction site to get real excitement and joy for your purchase and sale of retro games. You can purchase your retro games in the form of bids over here. The auction of goodwill works on the system of entering the highest bid upfront. This allows you to stay within your budget and you can beat out the previous person or can be the one to start the bid. You can beat the bid price if your bid price is of the lowest value. Similarly, if your bid price goes higher than the one who underbid you, you are automatically bumped to the closest price on goodwill. For an instance, if you bid at the $30 maximum price for a SNES original box, you might beat out the previous high bid of $25 and the new visible bid can be $26. In this case, you can raise your bid to $31 to increase your chance of winning. You can pay the price at Goodwill if you win at the price lower than the maximum bid. The shipping cost is also a major factor that needs the attention of Goodwill. The shipping cost offered by goodwill via FedEx charges $9-10 at maximum. Goodwill allows a person to calculate their shipping too which they can check before placing an offer.

  1. Game Stop

GameStop is just an okay site for selecting retro games and consoles. There is not an unlimited range of classic games in their brick-and-mortar stores but some are still available on their online stores and websites. GameStop is just a route for those who are seeking the goodies and manuals that come with retro games. Usually, all such items are out of stock on their site and there is no option of identifying the authenticity of the piece. The games are more expensive than the average ongoing price in the market. Old stuff is incredibly expensive than the recent games which are priced fairly. GBA games are on a budget while SNES games are expensive in the entire range. Just like Goodwill, a person has to pay for the shipping factor which costs much more than the budget.

Reviews of retro gaming and are they legit?

Here are some of the retro games reviews that are proof that they are legit.

  1. Mega Man X3

This is an average mega-man game that is not much offensive to the series. This game is combined with the bad defense of X’s and is aggressively a safe game. The retro game reviews of Mega Man X3 have enabled us to devise some pros and cons too:



The tight controls in this game are retained

Too much damage has to be faced at the beginning due to X

The mundane experience of this game is satisfying with the zero playable

The zero limited playability leaves a sense of more want while being playable

The color palette is pleasing to the eyes

The feel of sameness is felt due to limited musical instruments


  1. Lord of the rings: The return of the game king

This game was initially developed only for the audience that preferred to play video game consoles. The casino software company names Microgaming developed a theme for playing this game online. The casino named Blackjack ballroom casino was the only one to provide players from the regions of Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and the UK. They used to spend their time playing with their favorite heroes in the game. This video game has a third-person view and is an action RPG. The camera can be turned in any direction and is not tied back. The developers laid special emphasis to provide a completely interactive environment for the gamers. It enabled to development of the game characters that can climb the ropes and ladders, spears, can launch catapults, and can control their skills and weapons. This game is a continuation series from the previous part and takes into account a request of players. There is an introduction of a co-op mode with an increase in the total playable characters for the game. Players are asked for their desired mode at the beginning of the game. There are three modes for playing the game including:

  • The path of the warrior
  • The path of the Wizard
  • The path of the Hobbit

Three heroes from the previous path named Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas are included in this one too that will fall under the control of the gamer. A gamer can choose their path of Wizard to play as Gandalf the white and in Hobbit’s way, they can decide the fate of Sam and Frodo. All the levels are familiar with the objects and locations shown in the film and do not deviate much.

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