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How To Play Retro Games on iPhone

Most people want to be able to play their favorite retro games while on the go. This is why these few simple steps outlined in this article will assist you in getting the most out of your retro games while on the go rather than waiting to sit in front of your PC, as well as using the backbone controller rather than the touch screen controller to make the game a little more fun. Fortunately, an App has just made it a lot easier to get full access to your retro games on your iPhone. Alt Store is the name of the App. Under the FAQ option on the Alt store home screen, there are installation instructions to help guide you on how to install Alt Store on Windows and macOS. The procedure will be to download the Alt Store on Windows. Before you can start playing your retro games, you will need first to install the App on your iPhone, followed by a few other steps. However, you must first download iTunes and iCloud before installing the App on your phone. You cannot download iTunes or iCloud through Microsoft, but only through the App itself.


  • Firstly, you will need to click on the FAQ on the Alt Store home screen page, where it will show you instructions on how to install the Alt Store app on your phone. Once you click on the FAQ, tap.
  • Once you are there, you will be provided with two links that will help you get iTunes and iCloud installed on your phone.
  • Once you click on those two different links, it will take you to their respective pages. On the iTunes page, kindly scroll down to where it says ‘Looking for other versions?’ Once you are there, make sure you click on Windows.
  • Once you click on Windows, it will take you to another page; scroll on the screen until you see where it is written ‘Download iTunes for Windows now (64-bit) and click on it. Once clicked, it will start downloading.
  • The same applies to downloading iCloud or some other links. Once clicked it will automatically start downloading on the phone. If it happens you come across an error, just override the error and download. Never click on Microsoft because it will not work.


Once you’ve completed those steps and restarted your computer as instructed by iCloud, you can begin downloading the alt server via Windows. When the file has finished downloading completely. You will extract the file and then launch it. When you go to start the alt server, it will ask for your permissions; simply check everything and select allow access. Next, launch iTunes, accept the license agreement, and proceed to the front page, where you will click on the agreement statement and plug in your iPhone. Allow access on your phone when you plug your iPhone into the computer; the iPhone will prompt you as well. The phone will ask if you believe this computer. You click ‘Trust’ and proceed. If you have a passcode set up on your phone, the phone will prompt you for it.


At this point, your iPhone should appear on your iTunes screen. Click on the phone icon on the top left of your screen, then under the backup section, scroll down a little until you see sync with this phone over wi-fi,’ then hit apply and done, and you are all set to add alt store to your phone. Click on the alt server icon in your menu bar’s bottom right corner, select install alt store then select your phone. After that, it will ask you to add that app store id again. It will take a second but then it will install an alt store on your phone. So now the App is installed on your phone. You will pass through a few prompts about ‘Trust,’ and also, you will have to give phone permissions, and once that is done you are good to go. Now you have an Alt Store on your phone, and when you open the App, you will see a screen with information on how the App works. Once done reading, you click ‘Got it.


The Delta app will begin downloading itself automatically from the Alt Store. When you finish downloading, you will notice that the App has no games when you open it, which means you will have to load the games into the App. Now, on Delta, in the upper right-hand corner, you will see a plus sign; click on it, and a pop-up will appear at the bottom of your screen with iTunes, Files, and Cancel. If the games you want to load are on iTunes, you select it. If you are using iCloud, you will select ‘Files.’


You can save all of your games to a cloud platform, such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. All you have to do is connect that account to your delta account and then simply download all of the files from the cloud. You can also download the artwork through iCloud, but if it doesn’t, simply long-press on the game, select change artwork, and then game database, from which you can search for your game and find the artwork. Each of these systems has its touch screen controller, but the ‘Delta’ App works in tandem with the backbone controller. Select your game. It will begin immediately. Since Nintendo switched the ‘A and B’ buttons, you can remap controls in the Delta app by pressing the start button to return to the main menu, then selecting settings, controller, and customize controls. Click on the button you want to map, then press the button you want to map it to, and then save at the top. Once saved, the entire system will also be saved. The Delta app works very well on all systems, but it has very few options. For example, you cannot adjust anything related to the screen; there is no shade, colorization, or aspect ratio. With that aside, you are good to begin the game and enjoy flawless gaming with Nintendo and all the way through App Nintendo 64, Nintendo Ds.


Retro Games Emulator iOS:


Delta (Game Boy, N64, SNES)

Delta is intended to be compatible with modern devices. It has larger displays, a new taptic engine, and more power. It’s incredible how good the emulator is. Some online gamers praise this emulator for allowing them to play their childhood games while still feeling like they are playing for the first time.


RetroArch (Atari, DOS, Genesis, PC Engine)

RetroArch is an operating system that runs on multiple platforms. RetroArch can be used on a PC or a Mac, as well as a phone or an Xbox. Its slick graphical interface lets you run classic games on a wide range of computers and consoles.


Eclipse (NES, SNES, GameBoy, and GameBoy Color)

Eclipse has grown in popularity due to its quick and easy installation method that is not revocable. Just visit the Eclipse website from your iPhone or iPad and follow the prompts to add the App to your device’s Home Screen. Then, to launch the emulator, tap the resulting app icon.


NES emulator ios online

Delta Emulator is one of the most intelligent options, capable of running the most recent games from nearly all popular consoles. When installed on your iPhone, the emulator will not request root access. As a result, it is popular among iOS users.


To be able to play NES Emulators games online using an iPhone, you can always browse to Safari or Chrome browser on iOS, and a number of games will load quickly that are bundled for you to choose from. One thing that came coming up along the research online was that Apple does not allow emulators on App Store. 


How to play Nintendo games on an iPad

The same downloading process mentioned above is the same process you can do to have your retro games on your iPad, however, as you will be not using your iPhone this time around. Firstly according to youtube gamers, for this process, you will first need to download the very same apps above, which are iTunes, iCloud, and Alt store. As long as you have a USB-C cable you can connect your iPad on to the computer. And you will be able to play any nintendo games on the ipad with the controller. However to play the retro games on the iPad you will have to have a retroarch emulator, delta emulator or nintendo games directly on your iPad. One can say that the very same process done when downloading ‘Alt Store,’ ‘Retroarch,’ ‘iTune, and  iCloud’ on your iPhone or PC is the same process that applies on iPad. The same setting and prompts that you will have as well once the App is downloaded on your iPad. 

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