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Gaming is an interesting hobby to pass time as it has many benefits. Gaming, which enables players to play real-time games, has earned a larger audience and relevance in the young society. Virtual games, which involve interactions between a user interface and input devices, are also known as video games. It has been observed that video gaming plays a vital role in making the mind capable of good thinking, focusing, problem-solving, and multitasking. But the best retro console in the market is Retrostation 14k.


The word retro means old and classical. Retrogaming is considered as old school and classical games which were being played on the console, computers, or video games in the old times. It is generally used for nostalgic purposes, survival, or the need to obtain authenticity. Retrogaming consists of three main activities; Vintage, Emulation and Ported. Those games which are played on original hardware are classified as vintage retro gaming. Emulation is the process of using newer systems to emulate older gaming platforms, whereas ported retrogaming is the process of using ports or compilations to play older games on modern hardware. Retro gaming players in the United Kingdom are called Classic gamers, and on the other hand, those who perform retro gaming in the United States are called Old School gamers. Retrogaming has been around since the beginning of the video gaming industry, but it became more popular as the Internet and simulation technologies became more widely available. Retrogames are said to be popular because of memories of historical times, the belief that classic gamers are more creative and imaginative, and the simplicity of the game, which demands fewer hours of play.


Sup Game Box 400 in 1 is a video gaming console which brings you back to your old memories as it is designed like older gaming consoles, rectangular in shape, made with plastic material and battery space on its back side. This game has variety of around 400 games which can be played both by girls and boys as different colors are offered for this console. It can be a good gift for children, or for those who have love for retrogaming. This device is especially best gift for retrogaming lovers because this device comes in category of retrogaming. This console is so nice that it can make you busy all day playing with it. No one can get bored using it just because it has more than 400 games. It keeps an individual away from bad habits and over thinking.

What Comes with It?

This console has AV Adapted Cable which is also applicable to Television, so that excited games can be enjoyed easily on wide and bigger screens. This game has 3.0 Inches color screen, with High definition display, along with images are transmitted precisely and without delay. It comes with a decent 800mAH lithium battery, which is rechargeable and supports a continuous usage of gameplay for around 3-4 hours and the battery takes around one and half hour to fully charge. The port of AV, AV interface, and output support of video can be connected directly with Computer display or Television, as per choice of users screens can be switched between larger and smaller.

Two people can play against the game on the same console with an additional gamepad, which greatly increases the game’s fun factor. Extra console is also provided for the second player. Sup Game Box 400 in 1 device looks slim in shape, has portable mini size along with comfortable handgrip. This device is very light in weight with convenient size and very easy to carry. User can keep it even in their pocket just because of its size, shape and design. Weight of this device is around 106 grams. English and Chinese language is installed in Sup Game Box and one can choose according to their choice. Product size is around 11.7*8*2CM. This game is perfect for travelling and long journeys to make them more enjoyable. The screen’s backlighting function ensures that players can play from any location. This console has been updated with new and exciting games in order to provide gamers with an even better gaming experience.


Features of this Sup Game Box 400 in 1 are following:

It contains top quality ABS Plastic Poly-Carbonate material.

Best possible workmanship is done in making it.

Package includes Charging cable, 80 cms TV Output cable, DC Cable, Controller, Battery and an instruction manual comes with it.

Buttons on this game give it older classic look as it was in the 90s games. It contains X, Y, B, A buttons on the upper right side, Right, Left, Up, Bottom Arrow buttons are on the left upper side. Select and Start on the bottom side, Reset button on the upper side. On the left corner side, it contains Volume button which up and down to increase and decrease the volume. On the right hand side, there is nothing.
On the top, users get Power physical button, Micro USB Charging Port and a headphone jack. On the bottom side, there is nothing. It is just very simple to use, when you turn it on, it will ask you to select language, after selecting it will open a big list of around 400 games, you just need to click on select button on whatever game you want to play.
Games can be played with provided buttons. Whenever you want to change the game just click on the reset button it will take you back to the list again. Best games of old times are installed in SUP Game Box 400 in 1. Some of them are Super Mario, DR Mario, Contra, Kung Fu, Galaxian, Nibbles F1 Race, Turtles etc. 

Happy gaming and get your Retro Game Console here.

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