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How To Play Retro Games On Firestick

For one to be able to play retro games on Firestick you will need to follow these simple steps below, which are guaranteed to help you enjoy your retro games without any doubts. To play your favorite retro games on the Amazon Firestick you will need the following:


  • Amazon Fire stick
  • A Controller (PS4 Controller, Bluetooth Controller or Xbox one S Controller)
  • USB Drive (2.0 or 3.0 drive)
  • OTG Adaptor (which can be a squid cable so it will allow you to plug in three different USB devices plus power your Amazon Firestick at the same time)
  • Or you can also use a right angle USB OTG adaptor as long as it has power in.


If you want more storage for Roms on Amazon Fire Stick, you must have these available. According to Amazon product information, the Amazon Firestick has 8GB of storage, but after installing the OS (operating system), you will most likely have about 4GB of space available. For this, you may need additional storage to accommodate more games. Most gamers online suggest that you can use an external hard drive but make sure that it is powered from the wall and not just on the USB port. In this process, you will begin sideloading RetroArch from the USB drive onto the Amazon Firestick, so you will need to download and also have to add Roms to the USB stick. For enthusiasts looking to explore further into the realm of retro gaming, transforming an old PC into a retro game console can be a rewarding project, offering a dedicated platform to enjoy a vast library of classic games.

On your PC, configure your USB drive to work with the Amazon Firestick via an OTG adaptor. For instance, if you’re using a USB 3.0 drive with 128GB of storage. Simply go to your PC and check the left side of your PC screen to see if your USB 3.0 drive is connected. If it is connected, you should see 128(G:) and right click on it. When you right-click, look for the “Properties” option. After you’ve opened “Properties,” you must confirm that your file system format is FAT32 and exit that page. Some video gamers recommend that you create a few folders before you start sideloading anything, such as an APK folder and a Rom folder, but for now, you will only be working with the APK folder, which is where you will move your retroarch APK file once you have downloaded it. Once installed on your PC, it will make it easier to find your file.


After that, you can go to the browser and search, which will take you to the home screen. Look for the Download section on the home screen, on the third option on the left side. When you click on the download options, you will see various options for downloading your file to your PC. Download the file from the Android section. Look for the download section and click it. Your file will be visible in the left corner. Once downloaded, you can transfer the file to the APK file or your USB 3.0 drive. Once completed, navigate to your Firestick’s home page and select the “Settings” option from the button menu. After you’ve located the setting, you must click on it. After you’ve opened it, look for the ‘Device section.’ You must now navigate to the Device section and click on the “Developer Options” link. You must grant permission for the APK file of retroarch that you downloaded to be installed in the developer options. You’ll need to make sure that “Unknown Sources” is turned on. Now that you’ve granted permission, you can launch ES Explorer. ES Explorer is  where you will find the retroarch APK file, which has to be installed successfully before proceeding. Look for “USBOTG” once you’re on the ES Explorer screen; it’ll be in small letters, but it should be below ‘Internal Storage’ on your screen. When you click ‘usbotg,’ it will open a window with the files from the USB drive you had connected to your PC. Now, click on the “APK” file to see the “Retroarch File ” to install. When you click on that file, you will be given several options for what you want to do


with it. You will click on the ‘Install section’ and wait for a second or two. Another pop-up will appear with the option to install or cancel. You will continue to click ‘Install’ until you see ‘installing’ on screen. After the file is installed successfully, you will be prompted to ‘open the file’ or simply click ‘done.’ You will press the ‘done’ button.


Once ‘Retroarch’ is now successfully installed. Moving forward, on your home screen, select “Your Apps And Channels.” Retroarch will be under apps in this location. Once you see ‘Retroarch,’ please click on it and wait for it to open and extract successfully. Before you can start playing your retro games, you must first select the “User Interface” option. After you click there, go and click “Show Advanced Settings” to confirm that it is turned on.Once confirmed, you can go back and make any other changes. Any changes made make sure to navigate to the menu options’ configuration section’. Once in the configuration settings, click the “Save Current Configuration” button. All changes saved!


Games on Firestick Free:

Hungry Shark Evolution, Hill Climb Racing, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Badland, Stranger Things: 1984, PBA Bowling Challenge, Eventide: Slavic Fable, Candy Crush Saga, Riptide GP: Renegade, Beach Buggy Blitz, and Despicable Me: Minion Rush are some of the games available.


How to play games on Firestick with a controller:

This may appear difficult, but it is actually simple because you would not want to enjoy your favourite video the traditional way, but now you can pair your controller and enjoy your game while having loads of fun. This is entirely dependent on the controller you’re using, which could be a PS4 controller, an Xbox One S controller, or even a Bluetooth controller. Remember to keep your Firestick connected, and then follow the instructions below:


  • Go to the Homepage on your PC. Where your Amazon Firestick is connected, this will mean you will be using the Amazon Interface and look for settings on your right hand side.
  • Once on settings, go to ‘Remotes and Bluetooth Devices’
  • When on ‘Remotes and Bluetooth Devices’ kindly go to ‘game controllers’. Onceyou click there you will see where it says wireless device then that will be your controller device that has been paired.
  • Now remember that you have put your controller on pairing mode to start pairing
  • If you are using a PS4 controller to put into pairing mode, you will have to hold long on the playstation button along with the sharing button.
  • When you begin to see a blinking light, click on ‘add new game controller’ which is under ‘Remotes and Bluetooth Devices’.
  • Once clicked on add new game controller it will show the Wireless Controller option and if you click on that


  • On Xbox One and Xbox One S, the Pair button is on the front right, below the power button. On the original Xbox One, the Pair button  is a circular button on the side, around the corner from the disc tray. Once clicked it will start blinking and will show under ‘remote and bluetooth devices’, add a new controller, then it will show as a wireless controller and just click on it.
  • With the normal bluetooth controller like the gamepad. you will click on the Home button and A button and once it starts blinking you will navigate back to settings, remote and bluetooth devices, other bluetooth devices, then click on add bluetooth devices and it will show up there and click on it.


Best Emulator For Firestick and PC:

  • Nintendo – Famicom (FCEUmm) games
  • Nintendo – Game Boy Advance (mGBA)
  • Nintendo – Nintendo 64 (Mupen64 Plus-Next)
  • Nintendo – SNES / SFC (Snes9x)
  • Sega – MS / GG/ MD/ CD ( Genesis Plus GX)


Emulators are software programs that allow one piece of hardware to run software that is originally not designed for it.  Retroarch acts as a front end for emulators, allowing a variety of game systems to use its slick PlayStation-like interface from a single menu. This works best for both PC alone and Firestick.

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