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How To Play Retro Game On Kodi

There are just a few guidelines that you must follow to enjoy your favorite retro games in Kodi, so that you do not feel left out.


Follow These Steps To Enjoy Retro Game on Kodi:

  • You need to open a web browser and head over to
  • You will be taken to the new page with different versions of kodi and will help you to be able to update kodi however if updated just go over and click on ‘Internet Archive Game Launcher’.
  • Click on download and have the file installed.
  • After you open kodi you will head over to ‘Head Ons’ on your left hand side menu.
  • Once you are on the ‘Add Ons’ menu, you will head over and select a box on the top on your left hand side.
  • On the screen, select Install from the zip file. If you are adding ‘Add Ons’ for the first time, you will see a prompt on your screen asking you to grant permission for unknown sources. To do so, simply click on settings on the screen and grant permission.
  • Once you have given permission for unknown sources, go back to ‘Install from zip file’ and in this time around you will go through and get other options.
  • On most Android devices, your download is saved to external storage. When you’re on ‘External storage,’ navigate to the ‘Download’ option, click on it to see the file you downloaded as ‘’ The Zack Morris repository will be installed once you click on it.
  • Select the Zack Morris add-ons repo, then the ‘Game Add-ons’ option. After selecting ‘Game Add-ons,’ go to the next page and select ‘Game Providers.’ When you click on game providers, a drop down menu will appear from which you can select ‘Internet Archive Game Launcher.’ Install it by clicking on it. It will then begin downloading and installing the game launcher.
  • You will see a notification on your screen once the internet archive game launcher has been installed. You will navigate to the menu section to configure after clicking on the internet archive game launcher.
  • Once you’re in the configure page, click on it to reveal a drop down menu on the left. Click on External Launchers, and then select ‘My System Type.’ When you press that, you will be presented with a number of options, but you will be looking for Android. When you press on Android, you will be presented with two additional options, which you can ignore and simply press OK.


Make sure your controller is configured in Kodi before you begin. Navigate to the Internet Archive Game Launcher, which can be found under games. The ‘internet archive game launcher’ is nothing more than a compilation of games and ROMs. You will be presented with a list of browsers; select ‘Browse by Category.’ Once there, you’ll see all of the categories and be able to choose Nintendo. When you click on Nintendo, you’ll see a slew of games, including the m64 super Nintendo game and the Gameboy Classic. You can select the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).


You will simply just ‘Launch the game from there’ and it will appear as ‘Nintendo – SNES / Famicom (Snes9x2010). Once you press ‘Launch’ it will of course download the files it needs.


How To Play Retro Games on PC

Retro games on pc (you need a controller like bluetooth xbox one controller, ps3,ps4 or ps5 controller will work or an older wired xbox 360 controller) you can also use a microsoft controller because they are already pre-configured ready to go with retroarch.


  • To begin, open Chrome and search for launchbox. Select download. Enter the email address to which the download link will be sent and download the programme. You will then need to download Retroarch. Scroll down to the Windows download options on the retroarch website screen. You will choose to download the 64-bit version rather than the installer.
  • After you have downloaded both programmes, look in your downloads folder for a zipped version of retroarch. Unzip the file to your downloads folder Once in your folder, copy it and paste it somewhere; however, remember to run the launchbox setup first. After clicking it and following the prompts, navigate to your PC Drive. Create a new folder called ‘Emulators,’ then go back to the downloads folder and copy the ‘retroarch’ folder, then paste the new retroarch into the ‘Emulators Folder.’ Start retroarch in full screen mode.
  • Retroarch will automatically open in full-screen mode. Scroll to the left and scroll down to the online updater. Go ahead and click on core updater. The cores are what enables the consoles to be emulated and play retro games. From there you are going to search for the NES core once you have found Nintendo – NES /Famicom (Nestopia UE), you will click on that.
  • It will begin extracting in the lower left corner of your screen and will stop when it is finished. It’s also available from the Nintendo-SNES / Famicom (Snes9x) core. After that, you’ll exit retroarch and launch the launchbox. Go to the tools tab once that is open. Select import, then ROM files. After that, scroll to the next item and press the next button. Then, navigate to the game folder where you saved your NES ROMs by clicking the ‘Add folder’ button. After adding the folder, click the next button. You’ll choose the NES platform and then press the next button.
  • Once you are in a page with a list of games that you want to install then click finish, you will notice that at the bottom left hand corner, the games will begin to import into your launchbox library. After you have successfully installed NES games into your launchbox from there you can go ahead, click through the library and select whatever game you would like to play.
  • Upon clicking a title you will notice that the game will play background music and the third party artwork of the title will show up in the background where you can directly double click the title and start playing. Don’t forget to pair the controller and Let the Game Begin!


How To Play Retro Games On PSP

  • First you need to download the retroarch from the retroarch website. On the retroach website screen you will scroll down until you see the PSP logo and click to download the latest version.
  • In your downloads folder you will need to uncompress the 7z file you just downloaded directly from the downloads folder. Once the file is uncompressed, delete the 72 files in order to eliminate clutter. Then connect your psp to your computer with the USB cable and activate the USB connection.
  • Back on your computer, you will have access to the contents of the Memory Stick, and if you have a PSP Go, you will have access to internal storage. Close the ‘File Explorer’ window for your PSP Go’s internal storage, if you have one. For each PSP model, double-click the PSP folder at the root of your memory card, and inside the PSP folder, you’ll find a game folder.
  • Go to that folder and double-click it. This is the location where you must copy the retroarch folder from your downloads folder. Drag and drop the retroarch folder into the PSP/game folder on your memory card. For the time being, that is all you need to copy. You should now consider copying your content and system BIOS files before disconnecting your PSP from your PC.
  • When you disconnect your PSP from your computer, you will be able to launch Retroarch for the first time. Navigate to the Game Tab in the X and B with the D-pad. Scroll up to Memory Stick and select it with the X button to access your retroarch application. To use it for the first time, you must select the X button. Expect your screen to go black for about 20 seconds.
  • Once loaded, move the highlight arrow down to Quit Retroarch and select it with the circle button using the D-pad. This will allow Retroarch to create the necessary folders on your memory card. Back at your PSP’s cross media bar, use the D-pad to move all the way to the left back to the setting, while your PSP is still plugged into your PC via the USB cable, and re-enable the USB connection.
  • Back on your computer, you should see the memory card. If you have a PSP Go, close the File Explorer window for the internal storage. Return to the PSP folder and double-click it. Inside that folder, there is a new folder called retroarch that has been created. Double-click the folder. The downloads folder in the Retroarch folder is the best place to copy over your game content.
  • You can also copy over a sample ROM file to test not only the ROM file but also the need for system BIOS. From there, the ROMS and system BIOS files will be pre-saved in the ROMS folder on the C drive. From there, you’ll be transferring to Astrosmash, a Mattel Intellivision game. Whatever system and games you want to use, simply drag and drop them into the Downloads folder on the Memory Stick. Next, copy the system BIOS files onto the memory stick so that you can use emulators that require them.
  • You’ll find yourself back in the newly created RetroArch folder on your memory stick. Scroll down the list of folders until you reach the System folder. Double-click that folder to navigate to the location on your computer where your system BIOS files are stored.
  • Once inside that folder, you can drag and drop all of your system bios files into it, or you can press Ctrl+a on your keyboard and then drag and drop all of your system bios files into the folder on your memory stick. When you are finished with your computer, close file explorer and disconnect your PSP from your computer via the USB connection. Return to the game tab on your PSP.
  • Scroll up to your memory stick and select it with the X button To return to the retroarch main menu, press the X button once more. Scroll the highlight arrow down with the d-pad to load content, then select it with the circle button. Using the d-pad, move the highlight arrow down to the list of download options and select it. You will find the folders that you copied from your computer to your memory stick there. Move the highlight down to the one you want and select it with the circle.
  • From there, press the circle button to launch the game of your choice. Number pad access controls On the PlayStation Portable, hold down the right shift button to bring up an on-screen menu where you can get access numbers. the number keys found on traditional controllers with number pads.
  • You can use the virtual keypad to make selections for in-game options and start games especially for consoles like in television there is one more important thing you need to do with your PSP.


Retro Games Emulator

One of the best and highly recommended emulators in retro gaming is Retroarch. Most video games players online highly recommend retroarch as one of the best to keep them entertained. Nintendo , Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS all found in Retroarch to keep your fin


Retro Games Online Free

You can play free retro games online by entering into your Google browser. On the free screen retro games page, you’ll find a plethora of games from SEGA, Nintendo, NEC, Atari, Arcade, Playstation, and MSX1. You can play free retro games such as Terris (US), Pac-Man (Midway), and many others. When you’ve found the game you want, simply click on it and wait for it to load.


Retro Games Download

All the steps mentioned above are what is needed to download and install retro games whether to your PC, Kodi or PSP. It is best to visit these sites which is Retroarch, Launchbox and also


Retro Games List

Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario 64, Space Invaders, Street of Rage2, Donkey Kong Country, Tetris, Street Fighter II, Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Tekken 3 and many more to choose from.

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