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Several video games have been proven to increase coordination between hands and eye, problem-solving skills, and the brain’s capability to process information in some studies. While video gaming is also known to have some advantages, such as boosting focus, multitasking, and working memory, it can also have drawbacks when used excessively. When some people do it excessively, it becomes hard for them to be active and exercise and without physical movement or exercise, individuals can become overweight. Excessive video gamers are in danger of lower education, job performance, peer difficulties, as a result of spending a large portion of their day while gaming, they have improved their social and cognitive skills.


In the world of video gaming, a variety of gaming consoles have been introduced. The gaming console is a gaming box or device that connects to a television and is specifically designed to play games. It is a device that displays a video game that may be played with a gaming controller using a video signal or image. Virtual games also called video games which involve interactions between a user interface and input devices are also known as video games. It has been observed that video gaming plays a vital role in making the mind capable of good thinking, focusing, problem-solving, and multitasking.


Retrogaming is considered old-school and classical gaming. However, during the last decade or so, the retro scene has become a persistent and distinct aspect of gaming culture, as many video game creators have discovered that recreating old games, again and again, is far more reliable than trying to build new ones. In the Retrogaming industry, one of the best consoles is named Mini Game Anniversary Edition 620. This game has been introduced by the Chinese market in the industry that is very economical in price.


Every replica gaming console of the Nintendo Entertainment System referred to in Japan as the Family Computer or Famicom, is referred to as a Famiclone. There are electronic hardware devices that are designed to emulate the workings of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom, as well as play games made for them. Since the Nintendo Entertainment System’s popularity peaked in the 1980s, countless unauthorized clones and unlicensed versions have been made available. While early clones used a circuit board with customized or third-party electronic components, more contemporary clones use single-chip designs with a customized ASIC that duplicates the capabilities of the actual hardware and frequently include one or perhaps more on-board games. These games were introduced by the Chinese market in an industry that is very economical in price. The release of those consoles proved that the demand for cheap yet high-performing devices is rising. After these devices, the Chinese worked on making users’ experiences better.



Anniversary Edition of the Mini-Game HST 838 Entertainment System is a plug-and-play Famiclone that is based on the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. It looks to be made in China for the U.S Market, although the system and packaging have no firm name. The case looks pretty similar to the NES Classic (NES MINI), however the Power and Reset buttons are replaced, as are the controller ports. Two controllers of Mini Game Anniversary Edition 620 have two-meter cables and connectors of DB9, similar to Sega Gaming controllers, which are included in the system. A mini USB adapter powers the system, which produces audio and video via a 3.5mm TRS connector. 

The Mini Game Anniversary Edition 620 does not have a cartridges slot, but it does include a built-in 620 multicart containing MMC3 titles, Nice Code Software, and mapperless games. There are no save games or lite gun support in any of the games included. The publisher names of nearly all games have been removed. The system starts with a language selection screen, which allows you to choose between two languages which are English and Chinese, before moving on to game selection. There is a different background in Chinese game selection, different types of music, it does not have the same key repeat left or right as like English game select. Due to the Famiclone’s inability to update its backdrops, a few games have been deemed unplayable. In some games, the Nintendo Entertainment System’s triangle sound channel is conspicuously silent. A 500 in 1 version with a different multicart, poor D-pads, and an identical box with largely Chinese text also exists. This is an old-school 1980s video gaming console. The picture quality will be lower than that of today’s games. However, for people who are unfamiliar with classic gaming devices. Many retro games are still entertaining and difficult on this 8-bit system with simple controls.


Even though there are some games in this device that are duplicates. However, Mini Game Anniversary Edition 620 contains a large number of games from the previous century; you may easily discover 30-40 games from your favorites Nintendo Entertainment System classic games. Before you buy it, double-check that it will fit your TV. Video games will be affected by the AV cable. The TV’s design must allow for the attachment of an AV cable. Play hundreds of games right away by connecting to the TV via the AV output. On the large screen, enjoy colorful and entertaining video games. 


When checked a bunch of old and new games on this device, everything ran exceptionally well. This console has that much variety of games that one can stuck on pre-installed games. Mini Game Anniversary Edition 620 contains a range of games that are guaranteed to work on the Nintendo Entertainment System, rather than listing every ROM accessible. As a result, whichever game you choose will run smoothly and at decent frame rates. If you like to add games of your own choice, you can always add. This device is very user-friendly; the experience is just amazing as it is just plugged and play, already downloaded metadata with stunning box art. Moreover, the Mini Game Anniversary Edition 620 is an excellent gadget for getting started with emulating with little to no effort. 


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