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What is the best crt tv for retro gaming

What is the best crt tv for retro gaming

Back in the era, there were no 55-inch widescreen TVs. The retro games were mostly played on a 14-inches screen having an aesthetic grey color. Some of these screens even lack colored images which might be a shocking thing for some readers. CRT TVs are one of the best ways to get the most out of retro consoles. So in this guide, we will explain which are the best size tv for retro gaming and which are the perfect monitors for setting up gaming zone and units that can catch the eye of people.

  1. Sony TV PVM Model 14M2U

Sony TV PVM model is considered one of the best CRT TVs for retro gaming. It has a classic instragammable kit and setup that is an absolute work-horse. The retro games look best on sony crt tv TV and never let down a person. It is 14-inches in size with a 13-inch viewable screen. Every old gaming console looks perfect on this PVM. It’s Trinitron-colored screen produces a resolution of 600 lines that makes the game to look smooth and steady on screen. Aperture, chroma, and some other adjustable features were present in all other older versions of sony CRT tv at the time when we were not even born yet! But still, Sony PVM is a great choice for retro gaming.

  1. Toshiba AF gaming TV

Toshiba AF TV comes in a screen size of 20-inches which is the best version to fill up with your games. There is no need of filling a blank wall of your room with this TV and it can be placed at any table in your room without consuming extra space. This TV has an aspect ratio of 4:3 that is perfect for old titles giving a widescreen for playing and is one of the best crt tv for ps2. It has in-built speakers in it that sound amazing. Having a refresh rate of 60 Hz, this Toshiba AF TV is an excellent choice and you will not regret it after buying the best crt tv for ps2.

  1. Philips Discoverer CRT TV

Philips CRT TV is an incredible yet rare TV that is not available easily in second hand sites. This is a perfect piece for retro gaming and is commonly referred to as The Space Helmet TV. It is a 14-inch TV that was produced when NASA collaborated with Philips company to celebrate their first space shuttle launch in the year 1981. It is one of the best tv for retro gaming.

  1. Sony Hi-Scan CRT TV

This CRT TV looks modern but it is an HD-Ready CRT line that gives cracking visuals on the screen including the NES and Wii. It has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9 in models and you can shop for the perfect one according to your choice. The picture quality is perfect and is exactly like the one in which you demand retro gaming with amazing quality of sound.

  1. Sony BVM CRT TV

It is also an excellent choice for retro gaming and is one of the best CRT TV. It is not superb in working like the PVM model of Sony but still, it can perform pretty good tasks. It holds an 8-inch viewable screen having 450 lines of resolution and is operated using a wired remote and is one of the best tvs for retro gaming.

Guidelines related to CRT TV

There are tons of technical reasons why should a person purchase CRT TVs as compared to other TVs for retro gaming, but here we will discuss some details that will act as a beginner guide in purchasing the best CRT TVs. These guidelines will help you get the best crt tv ever made:

  • CRT TV for retro gaming is preferred due to its video output. You might have heard about the composite video output. It is a yellow cable that is paired with white and red audio cables. CRT TVs look great with all sorts of video signals and you can get higher video quality with an RGB video or with components.
  • Some retro gaming consoles like NES do not support the component and RGB video signals without any sort of modification. You should keep this in mind and should try to find out the best CRT for your retro gaming mode.
  • You should keep the pricing as the main point in your mind while purchasing a CRT TV. There is higher video quality with professional video monitors. There are some professional video monitors that support RGB video connection. They can provide the highest possible video quality for retro gaming consoles. These CRT TVs and professional video monitors were used in broadcasting studios, hospitals, and other professional fields.
  1. Consumer graded CRT TVs

Any CRT TV having a component hook-up is considered a suitable option for the retro gaming experience. These sets are not much common as compared to CRT TVs that are known for supporting composite videos. But still, these TVs can provide a suitable look. The best consumer graded-TVs are:

  • Sony Trinitron line
  • Sony TV TV
  • Sony KD Model

If you ever find a consumer-graded CRT TV that is capable enough to support the component video, still you will need an s-video connection to achieve a great gaming experience. Just learn to familiarize yourself between the composite, s-video, and component connection for a decent TV.

  1. Professional monitors for videos and gaming

If you are looking for a professional video monitor, you will have to spend the maximum penny to get the best CRT TV for your retro gaming. People who are gaming enthusiast claim that the best CRT TV for retro gaming is the SONY BVM-Model. There are still other options that you can check out while getting a professional video monitor. Here we will give you a pro tip: The model named BVM-20F1U indicates that e 20 number in this term is for 20-inches of the monitor size. Such type of format is common in the CRT model numbers.

Here is a list of the best professional video monitors that support RGB videos:

  • Sony PVM from L-series
  • Sony PVM from M-series
  • Sony PVM from N-series
  • JVC TM-1650SU
  • Panasonic from the BT series
  • Ikegami from the HTM series
  • Ikegami from the TM series
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