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What emulators can run on Raspberry Pi4

Raspberry Pi is one of the most widely used series in current computers. The most beautiful and appreciated feature of the Raspberry Pi4 is that it provides entertainment and learning at a very low cost.

Raspberry Pi4 (highest version) or Raspberry Pi zero no matter which version you are using both can run emulators. The emulators help play retro games.

You can have a lot of entertainment and fun while living your childhood memories of playing retro games. Using Raspberry Pi emulators, you can play those games on your mobiles.

The emulator that can run on Raspberry Pi4

There are many emulators which can run on Raspberry Pi4. Some of them we will discuss here:

1. RetroPie    

Emulators for Raspberry Pi4 have a wide range but the best of them is RetroPie. RetroPie not only provides you with the best gaming experience but also helps you in learning programming. Installing the program on a Raspberry Pi4 device.

The installation process is very easy:

  • Search for RetroPie and download the installation APK file.
  • Open the file and follow the instruction written on the screen for proper installation


Then uploading your ROM is all you need to do for using RetroPie.

RetroPie is all times favorite of every game lover. The best part of RetroPie, the user interface it carries is customizable. You will see a lot of options when you configure it, and you can customize the emulator according to your choice.

RetroPie’s most resilient point is its Robust Interface which makes it useful for people who need an extraordinary Raspberry Pi emulator. You might set RetroPie to upload your ROMs on your network instead of connecting a USB with your Raspberry Pi each time you need to add another game.

2. Lakka    

Lakka is not famous like RetroPie but still can run on Raspberry Pi4 efficiently. Lakka’s interface is not good, but as an alternate to RetroPie is easy to handle. Lakka uses RetroArch to make it more compatible with more features of the Raspberry Pi4 for fulfilling the retro game requirements.

Lakka unlike RetroPie does not have a customizable interface. It has a very simple interface. If you are looking for an emulator with a simple user interface, then Lakka is made for you. Lakka is a free software tool and can be downloaded easily. After downloading anyone can install it while reading on-screen instructions.

3. RetroArch – Run on Raspberry Pi4    

Since RetroPie and Lakka both utilize RetroArch for their features and deal with more attractive user interfaces. That is the reason why RetroArch isn’t as popular as RetroPie and Lakka are. Another reason is, It’s not easy to install, particularly for a layperson, since there can be a lot of lines of code that should be placed to get things working accurately.

However, if you would rather not mess with both initial two choices, then it is feasible to introduce RetroArch straightforwardly to your Raspberry Pi. It will run very much like an emulator on your PC, permitting you to start up your games rapidly. We simply suggest attempting at least one or two games and ROMs out and afterward dipping with the different showcase and execution settings to guarantee that you’re getting the supreme experience.


4. PPSSPP Emulator to run on Raspberry Pi4    

So far, we discussed emulators that provide you with learning and the best gaming experience in one place. But if you are looking for an emulator specifically for a game when run on Raspberry Pi4 then PPSSPP is one of them.

And, if you are looking for an emulator which provides you the best experience on android and on Raspberry Pi4. PPSSPP can be installed as a separate app on your Raspberry Pi4 and then uploading the ROM will let you experience it. So, PPSSPP is made to give you relief from all your worries.

2x upscaling feature

The thing which makes it different from other emulators is its 2x upscaling attribute. This feature enables you to high-resolution images on the screen. Many PSP games provide a better experience when emulated with PPSSPP.

PPSSPP might bring some problems on-screen when confronting high graphic games, but it is not often.

5. DOSBOX    

The MS-DOSBOX emulator is available for almost every game-playing platform including Raspberry Pi4. The interface uses is not good as others have which makes it a bit unreliable. With MS-DOSBOX you relive your childhood memories.

DOSBOX is free for downloading, installing, and then running on your device. It can be installed using the terminal window available on your Raspberry Pi4 device. Most gamers use Raspberry Pi4 terminal to install it because they do not want to go from the process of transferring files and downloading.

6. PCSX ReARMed    

This emulator has high performance and is highly compatible with PS1. You will face a bit accuracy problem while using it.

But performance can be increased when combined with a dynamic re-compiler to the emulator. It is a cross-platform feature that makes it useful for both normal computers and Advanced RISC Machine as well.

7. SNES9x 2010    

SNES9X 2010 which is also known as Super Nintendo Entertainment System is highly recommended. Because it maintains the finest balance between these two features namely performance and accuracy among all SNES emulators that are used for Raspberry Pi4.

The SNES was one of two 16-digit champions of PC game consoles of the 1990s with a library of 2D gaming greatness. It’s dearest to the point that games are yet being republished on present-day consoles

Final Remarks

We have discussed some widely used emulators which runs on Raspberry Pi4. Many other emulators run on Raspberry Pi4 like genesis plus GX and Mupen64Plus-Next which you can use. When choosing an emulator for best gaming experience image resolution, performance and accuracy should not be compromised. But above mentioned are highly recommended if you want a better gaming experience.

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