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Can you run RetroPie on Android?

No, we cannot run RetroPie on Android directly unless we install an emulator that can support a retro game. If we look back in 2015 there were no emulators for Android that could support a RetroPie.

After the installation of the android emulator, we can play the game. RetroX is an android emulator which is built to comfort those who want to play Retro games on their Android Phones.

If you love retro gaming, however, prefer to play when you are not home, then, at that point, your most ideal choice is Android. From the Sega Genesis to the Nintendo 64, you can introduce a wide scope of emulators on Android gadgets. As though that wasn’t sufficient, Android mobiles, tablets, and TV boxes can run old games that are re-released on the Play Store.

Emulators to Run RetroPie on Android

There are many android users and Retro game lovers who are always looking for emulators which can help them to play Retro Games on their mobile phone devices wherever they want.

So, to run RetroPie on Android we will see some emulators.

RetroX – Run RetroPie on Android

RetroX will make it simple to play your Retro game on any Android-based gadget, so you can use your game collection in your gadget and RetroX will deal with the rest. RetroX has been working on providing comfort and entertainment easily available for the past 7 years.

Let’s see some features of RetroX which make it different from other emulators:

RetroX Features

  • Download and start the installation of the emulator to run your games.
  • Keep playing your collected games anywhere, your save states and memory cards are put away in our cloud.
  • Server-based pre-settings to run games that require extra setups.
  • Simple to get to game explicit setup choices.
  • Further developed emulators to work consistently with RetroX.
  • Various hotspots for your game assortment, including Cloud administrations and NAS

Recommended System

  • Any ARM (Advance RISC Machine) android device with version 4.0 or greater
  • Strong Internet connection

Many game player does not know how to run RetroX to Run RetroPie on Android. It is not a very difficult process:

retro installation for Playing RetroPie on Android:

  • You just need to go to the RetroX website and look for the download package for RetroX.
  • If you have found the RetroX download button. Then just click on it and Download the Package.
  • After downloading open the storage directory where up have apk and click on it.
  • It will ask for permission just click yes and wait for a few minutes.
  • After installation is done you can see an Icon for RetroX on your HomeScreen.
  • Click on Icon and it will ask some permission, click on allow.
  • And then log in with your Gmail you have registered on RetroX.
  • Again, it will ask for some storage permission to allow it.
  • Now that the App interface is in front of you just click on add icon.
  • Add the storage location where you have your games installed and you are done.
  • Now you can just click on any game to play. It will take a few minutes for installing support packages.

Kodi (emulator) – Run RetroPie on Android

Many emulators support RetroPie on Android from which Kodi is another famous emulator. It enables you to play games on your android device with its latest version called “Leia”. Leia which is also called Retroplayer sets up a retro gaming environment on your android device.

RetroArch – Run RetroPie on Android

There are two versions of RetroArch Emulator available. Standard RetroArch emulator which is used to play RetroPie on old devices and a 64-bit version of RetroArch which is used for higher versions of android.

The 64-bit version of RetroArch runs RetroPie on Android without any lag.


  • Search RetroArch and download the package from Chrome Web Browser. Simply install the package following the on-screen instruction.
  • To begin, select Load Core > Download a Core to download the emulator you wish to utilize.


FAQs – Run RetroPie on Android

Most Retro game lovers ask:

Which games we can run on RetroPie

RetroPie can run on different classic PCs and game consoles. Because of LibRetro’s back-end. You can play NES, SNES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, Neo Geo, and even Atari Jaguar and Virtual Boy games if you can track down them.

Can I use my android phone as a Console?

Yes, you can even sit with your telephone and play the game while peeking at the extra-large flat-screen television – and that is needed for certain games. Yet, a controller or joystick allows you to relax while playing the game wirelessly. Additionally, it reflects the experience of a computer game console, which is the thing you are looking for with this arrangement. For gamers weighing their options between cutting-edge gaming devices, a comparison worth checking is onexfly vs rog ally, which provides insights into how these two contenders measure up against each other.

How to turn my mobile device to console

  • An Android telephone, tablet, or TV box.
  • A USB HDMI connector and link (or one more strategy for associating your Android gadget to an HDTV)
  • Appropriate emulator or retro gaming suite.
  • Controllers for gameplay (Bluetooth or USB)

Can RecalBox run RetroPie on Android?

No RecalBox cannot run RetroPie on Android. It is built for computers and it works very well on Computers.

Which one is better RetroArch or RetroPie?

Both have the best according to their use. RetroPie is the best for playing retro games on personal computers. While RetroArch can be used for both Android and a Computer device.

RetroArch uses different Operating systems (OS) for working. But does not utilizes its OS. Consequently, to put resources into a Raspberry Pi utilizing RetroArch would permit you to game on a gadget or operating system that you as of now have.


If you want to play retro games on your android devices, then RetroArch or RetroX are recommended. RetroPie is not yet available to run games on Android devices. But maybe in the future we get another version of RetroPie that run games on Android.

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