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The retro station capcom

The Retro Station Capcom is the new gaming device in the market. The Capcom has introduced the old retro station to us in a new way. It is a mini arcade machine. The product is thematically similar to the Neo Geo mini. And also both of those games’ production is the same. Both belong to the Gantaku company. Most important the Retro Station capcom is a limited gaming device. But the device has a good impression and creates hype on the market. Before launching, the device has a handsome number of pre-orders and become one of the most demand gaming devices. But the best retro console in the market is Retrostation 14k.

As we know we can play the Mega man and street fighter games with super puzzle fighter 2 turbo on the retro station capcom.  In the mega man series, there are most popular games of Mega Man, As the Mega Man The Power Battle, Mega Man 2 The power Fighters, Mega Man X, Mega Man Soccer, Mega Man & Bass (Japanese Console Version).

And on the Street Fighter Series. You can enjoy the Street Fighter ||, Street Fighter || Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter ||, Super Street Fighter || Turbo, Super Puzzle Fifter|| turbo. All those games are based and created on the Japanese ideology. And we all know, how creatives and idealistic Japanese are. So on the Retro Station capcom, you can enjoy 10 amazing mega man and street fighter games at a time. Each game has its now rules and levels. You need to play those games carefully to unlock the next level. If you want to play more and high-rank levels. The more you achieve and up your level, the game will be more tough, interesting, and challenging. No doubt that those games will be enjoyable, hard, and playful.

Let us move and explore the gaming device called Retro Station Capcom more. The device has two parts and also comes into two boxes ( if you take an extra controller). The box is made with hard paper and has an eye-catchy graphic design on it. The Mega Man and street fighters characters are on all over the box and it really looks nice.

The device’s parts are made of hard plastic. The premium quality plastic has been used to make it. It’s not going to break it easily but you can face some problems with scratches. In case, if you do not use it with care. The two-part of the gaming device are already connected with each other to play. One is the monitor and another one is the controller. The monitor is 8 inches big and HD ultra. We gamers know, it’s truly important to have a great quality of graphics on the gaming device. Otherwise, you can not enjoy it properly. So, don’t worry about it. You can experience a great quality of graphic on it. The dimension of the mini arcade machine is 329mm X 289mm X 315mm. This little thing also has a little weight and it is 2.1 kg. You can easily carry and set up anywhere. The retro station capcom is blue and yellow in color. It looks a little cute robotic box look design. The whole device is covered with white plastic paper also. Two instruction books will be there also to make your work easy.

The Retro Station Capcom has a power supply with a little pluggy plug adopter. It is a 12 volt and 2 amp power suppler with a barrel jack. The good thing is you can adjust the monitor, the way you like and feel comfortable. You can also be plugged into another monitor to play the game on it. It has three options on the backside, one is for the connect the cable. You can also connect the monitor with an extra controller for a multi-player game. Gaming becomes more fun when you have a partner. On the controller, there are 6 big buttons and one holding control button. It will give you a feel of car gear. The buttons are white and yellow in color combination. In addition, the high-quality speaker attached to it and its volume control button is on the front side of the device. Speaker design also looks look as its sound quality. The power button is beside the volume button. The holding button is smooth to play with, you can move it easily and play for a long time.

The programing system of the retro station capcom is easy and understandable. So that anyone can understand settings easily because most of the users of this device will be kids. It has our favorite mega man and street fighter game. It’s time to play those legendary games by our lovable kids now. The device has a soundtrack action, it is truly entertaining. Retro station capcom works great, no way to hang or slow. No loading issues, all the features are responsive. It’s a fast and premium quality gaming device.

After enjoying the game you can also save it and change any image from the game. The screen of the monitor is pretty shiny and the speakers are loud. It’s a perfect device to enjoy gaming for kids and also young people. You can spend your pastime with it, just enjoy it.

Nowadays kids are getting involved with the modern technology. This is good but most of the games are now internet-based. But they also get attached to some negative sides of the internet. Which is sad and we need to be more careful about it. As responsible guardians, it is our duty to secure the entertainment sector for the kids. So that they can enjoy healthy and creative content. On this note, what can be better than the Retro station capcom.

It’s a modern technology gaming device with quality full content. People who love Megaman and street fight games will gonna love it. Because the Retro Station Capcom is all about these two legendary games. Got that one for the youngest member of your family or friends. Nothing can be more better than having the Retro Station Capcom as a gaming device. Buying this gaming device is truly worth your money.

Happy gaming and get your Retro Game Console here.

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