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The 7 Best Super Mario World ROM Hacks (2022)

Super Mario World Rom Hacks is one of the most famous and well-known Mario games, and we can also say that one of the best SNES games ever released. It offers excellent graphics and some of the best features and level design from platformers of that period.

One of the main reasons to play hacked Mario games with ROMs is to unlock the possibility of new levels. It is not easy to find an excellent new hack. Its needs expert experience and a lot of patience.

Even though the most passionate fans of the series are bound to want something new after all this time, Enter ROM hacks to enjoy the new levels.

Best Super Mario World ROM Hacks

Coming up with a list of the top 7 ROM hacks is not easy because the hacks ranked differently on different devices and different Mario games. So without wasting time, start from the number one hack.

1) Super Mario World: Odyssey

The Super Mario World Odyssey is one of the most wanted ROM hacks in the last decade. It is the most well know hack in the world of Mario gaming. Not only can you get control of Koopas and Banzai Bills, but it also brings the potential Cappy gives Mario and other gameplay elements.

But unfortunately, the hack was shut down a few years back. However, we can find some versions of the hack online even though it has not been working on the original creator. Still, some derivative versions have been released by other creators. You can enjoy this fantastic hack in derivative versions.

2) 2 Player Co-op Quest!

Some games like donkey kong country prioritize over Mario games because they allow two players to play the game simultaneously. However, 2 Player Co-op Quest! fixes this oversight by adding two-player functionality, but with a twist. The second player controls the enemies who try to kill Mario on screen. The second player doesn’t play as Luigi. This 2-player Co-op quest hasn’t many levels, but the game’s difficulty makes it intrusting how the player controls the buddy’s wishes. At first, you’ll have fun disrupting each other. But clearing this hack’s levels will require careful cooperation as the game moves from low to high levels.

3) New Super Mario World The Twelve Magic Orbs

The Twelve Magic Orbs feels more flavorless than most games of its range. It is very long and famous for its boss fights. If you are looking for an expensive miro game rather than new features, try this.

This was Created by Brazilian Mario fan Rilla Roo, New Super Mario World

  • The 12 Magic Orbs feature excellent level design, high-quality graphics compared to others, and fatigue 112 doors.

Employing a barrage of creative power-ups and items, Mario throws ice balls to turn Koopa Troopas into ice blocks, rides in a minecart, and dons the fan-favorite Tanooki suit.

4) Super Mario Legacy

It is one of the most extended hacks, shows a lot of restraint, and is very suitable for beginners due to its average and expert difficulty settings. The creator of this game has added enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros 3 into the hack. Some custom elements are also added, for example, Koopas that turn into bombs. It is hard to play, but the difficulty comes not from the game mechanisms but rather from the large number of enemies placed in the hack.

5) Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land

On the other hand, we have SMW: Return to Dinosaur Land, primarily the online community recognized as the original game’s true spiritual sequel. This new SMW focuses on amazing-level design rather than graphics or making a complicated story.

The rest is a super good hack that is a pleasure to play. You will forget

other ROM hacks, for sure. This hack is very short but very difficult to do it.

If you are starting from scratch cant, recommend it for new bees. iT

Return to dinosaur land has the same basic structure as the original,

including the same bosses. Super Mario World: Return To Dinosaur Land

proves that you don’t need to add new mechanics or drastically change the

graphics and music to make the best hack.

It also includes 59 levels, water, and ice word, which give a fancy touch to the super Mario world.

6) Mario Is Missing! Done Right

This is one of the least celebrated Mario; Mario is missing an equational game that did not use Luigi to unlimited potential. However, crater gamma V stepped in and made it a full-length hack.

The graphics are closer to Super Mario All-Stars, and not every feature of SMW is there, but it includes innovative boss fights and takes things a step further than standard hacks that stick too closely to their source material. The result is a truly original game that stands on its own.

7) New Super Mario World 2: Around The World

The second series in the New Super Mario World hack series is one of the most exciting SMW hacks in recent years.

Bowser plans on knocking down the world from a space station, and more importantly, he’s keeping Princess Toadstool as a prisoner. It’s up to Mario how he can stop the Koopa king and his wicked and cruel plans.

Besides good graphics and varied music from other classic games, this hack became attractive for its innovative gameplay mechanics. They include stuff like changing Mario getup into different enemies to clear environmental hazards or some various suits we all know and love. If you

want to play a single SMW ROM hack, start with this product. It would amaze you.

These are the seven Best Super Mario World ROM Hacks. All these are super cool and have some advantages and some disadvantages. If you are an SMW lover, you should try all of these seven hacks. There are several hacks, but I mostly like these seven hacks the most. Let’s play right now.

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