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Best Games for NeoGeo – Retro Gaming Console


If we are talking about arcade systems, you might wonder about the Naomi, its own screen. But if you want to display your favorite arcade game on your TV screen, you can do it with the Neo Geo console. You can also play it on your Retro Gaming Console (watch it working).


Neo-Geo brings the arcade port, which you can connect to the TV screen. You don’t have to purchase such an expensive overall arcade system for your home recreational purposes. Just get the Neo Geo console, and you get what you need.


However, we can say that Neo Geo is a bit more exclusive for collectors or other high-end clients. The items range from a hundred to several hundred. Each game for Neo Geo is such a significant investment. That’s why Neo Geo users are very picky about the game they play to get home.


There are a lot of titles for this console. Getting your hand on the correct games is very important to get the best value for your money. Let us narrow down the list of Neo Geo games for you. Without further ado, let’s hit them.


Ninja Combat

Ninja Combat

Ninja Combat came out in 1990 and brought such a new recreation for Neo Geo fans. Its arcade experience is irreplaceable. It has such a great festival with a lot of stunning showcases. It is about the successful mixture of an action movie with the side-scrolling shooter action category if we are talking about its genre. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.

In this game, the ninjas have versatile attacks. It has such a considerable intensity. If you are a massive fan of Metal Slug, then Ninja Combat is favorable as well.




For most sports lovers, it is a bizarre but fun game. However, fast-paced sports games like this indeed have wider audiences. It is the pong in the next level. Windjammers was, in fact, one of the most successful fiction sports category games in Neo Geo.

Each player can choose from six characters available in the game. Each character has its abilities and strengths. Moreover, different types of courts have their pros and cons. I am astonished at how clever the creators were in injecting every element into the game.



Fatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury Special - Retro Gaming Console

It is a betterment of Fatal Fury 2. It has some tweaks in the gameplay and improved characters. There are also new combo systems for a variety of surfaces.


It has abundant features which the players must be able to leverage to master the game.


Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown - Retro Gaming Console

Samurai Shodown brings you to the world of the samurai. It features numerous characters who are solid swordsmen from different eras in history. It has such unique gameplay. In particular, each character has its own sharp and special weapon. The graphics, the soundtrack, the gameplay, it is all perfect. Neo Geo is known for its arcade pros. And Samurai Shodown has been the iconic game to bring up the console at your home. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.




It is one of the most comprehensive shoots-them-up games you will want to play on your Neo Geo. Pulstar has such a great premise and core elements. There is nothing like it in Neo Geo. Pulsar has excellent graphics and sound. The gameplay is boring-proof unique. Every component in the game was designed meticulously by the developers. I still can’t believe that it was released in 1995.


King of Fighters 98

King of Fighters 98 - Retro Gaming Console


The King of Fighters is automatically on our list. The fifth installment of the series was the most successful fighting game back then. It comes with an extensive roster of fighters. If you want to explore more and more characters, this game gives you what you want. Back then, many critics and fans considered this game as the best in the overall series.


The graphics were not the best. But we could give applause to its excellent soundtrack.


The expanded number of rosters comes alongside fantastic gameplay. My favorite game that I play on my Retro Gaming Console.



Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is part of the Fatal Fury series. It is also a product of SNK. The eighth installation of Fatal Fury was one of the last games launched on the Neo Geo System. Back then, this game was pretty underdog compared to the other games.


But it was so exhilarating to see the presentation of this fantastic game from top to bottom. It comes with technical gameplay. Players need to learn a thing or two first before proceeding.


Neo Turf Masters


It is a unique golf game that you would only find in the 1990s. But you can’t expect that the golf here will be standard. It has certain moves that you won’t be able to find in conventional sports. The player chooses one of six golfers. Each of them has different skills and advantages. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.

Metal Slug

Metal Slug

Metal Slug is a classic side-scrolling shooter that was launched back in 1996. The game has fun and unique graphics and a soundtrack. The hand-drawn characters and environments in the game are the positive sides of it. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The avid shooter gamers come back more and more because of its boring-proof gameplay. Right from level 1, it presented some jam-packed actions that challenged the players for fun.


The stream of enemies can be unfair to regular users. But there is no such thing as “impossible.” As you have mastered each level, you will be able to handle it on the next attempt. This initial game has six levels to beat. It comes with a lot of fun and action. Tag along your pal to play together with you. It is better to play together.


World Heroes

World Heroes - Retro Gaming Console

World Heroes is a fighting game that has a unique collection of rosters. Its characters are unforgettable.


The game will bring you back to the originality of excitement that only the 90s could present. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.

It has excellent graphics and mechanics. The soundtrack is a unique arcade. It might not have the best pictures for fighting games. Since the fighting system is lovely, you can forgive its tiny flaw.


Though overshadowed by huge titles like Street Fighter II, it is indeed a perfect option for gamers who want to play the heroes of their country (if your country’s hero is included in the game). Neo Geo fans must try this game.


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