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How To Make Retro Video Game Music

How To Make Retro Video Game Music

Music creation takes a lot of practice to master, and you should not expect your first song to be a smash hit. It may take several weeks or months to gradually master the creation of game music. The truth is that taking inspiration from other music is perfectly acceptable; some may call it copying, but the evolution of music is really the result of many people copying ideas from each other to create their own sound.


Retro Video Game Music Download

So, if you want to make music for your game, there are a billion different ways to go about it, as well as plenty of programmes to assist you. There is one solution to your video game music concerns that is extremely quick and simple to use; it is called Baosca Ceiol, and it is a great tool that some video gamers have used and proven to be excellent.

Enter “Bosca Ceoil” into your internet browser and choose between the online and download versions. Click “Download” and select a platform, and it will begin downloading. On Windows, it will download as a zip file, which you should unzip to get a folder with an exe that you can run. Some may be perplexed by the interface, but it is not overly complicated.

After you’ve created your sound and listened to your notes to ensure that it’s exactly how you want it, you’ll export your song to be saved on your device.


Making A Video Game Soundtrack

Tip 1: Rhythm and Repetition

Making a melody can feel like hammering a nail for some people. You can smack it at a steady pace to make it go in smoothly, or you can swing it blindly and hope that the nail eventually finds its way into the board. The rhythm and repetition make it easier to imprint the melody on one’s mind.


Tip 2: Let the melody sing

You are free to do whatever you want as long as you enjoy yourself. The rhythm notes are just as important and should not be overlooked. The rhythm is the first thing that carries the song. The melody comes next.


Tip 3: Variations

There’s nothing wrong with a constant looping melody, but adding a little variety when it repeats itself can add some spice. Changing the key can also be a fun way to do it.


Tip 4: Leave them in with that harmony

Harmony, when used correctly, can add a little something special to your melody.


Tip 5: Experiment

In this tip, you simply create something that sounds good to you and then play around with your melody, adding harmonies and changing the key. It’s a good idea to adjust the mixer levels as you go because you’ll forget about it later if you don’t. This maintains the proper spacing at the start. Sweeping a light sound with changing velocity and planning to keep it moving is a good way to add subtle effects to your drum loops.


Retro Game Music

  • Country Music by Donkey Kong Soundtrack – Jungle Groove Twisted Metal 2 – Moscow – SNES
  • Jungle Japes – Donkey Kong 64 Music
  • Music from Mario Kart 64’s Moo Moo Farm and Yoshi Valley
  • Opening Theme for Spyro 1
  • Crash Bandicoot 3 – Warped – Theme Spyro 1 – Artisan’s Home
  • Jin in Tekken 3 (OST)
  • Tekken 3 – The Law (OST)


How To Make Ost

Make sure you have headphones because that is what you will be using in the process of making your soundtrack. If you can, add an MPK mini, which is an ultra-compact keyboard controller, to help you out as well. Make sure you have FL Studio installed and ready to go before you begin.

On your main window navigate to View and create your playlists. When you begin a new program in FL Studio, you will be given four instruments.

  • A kick
  • A clap
  • A snare and a hat

It is essentially a means of communication between the instruments via these four elements. Before you begin a beat, add other instruments to make your sound, make sure the tempo is set to 130 beats per minute (or however you will prefer) and take your time to listen to your note each time you are done before moving forward.

After you’ve created your sound and listened to your notes to ensure it’s exactly how you want it, you’ll export your song. Simply go to file export and select either a wav file (an audio file) or a MIDI file.


8-Bit Music Maker

Chiptune creates new music by utilizing the bleeps and bloops of all video game systems. Overall, chiptunes refer to music created using video game hardware. GXSCC is software used by most video gamers that helps in saving everything exactly how you want it. It must be downloaded along with the installer.

Once on the GXSCC software, simply convert any sound or music to 8-bit. It could be something you worked on and saved as a wav file, or you could go online and look for sound/music to convert to 8-bit.



The NES VST is simple and powerful. It was created by a well-known person to the majority of video gamers who use this software. The cool thing about the NES VST is that it has a lot of the functionality of a NES. Volume envelopes and duty cycles, for example, alter the width of the square wave channel to produce a different sound. The NES can change the duty cycle of the square to produce a different timbre. You can also load dpcm samples, which must be very low in quality because the NES could only playback extremely compressed samples.


How To Make 8-Bit Music For Free

When you click the ‘configure’ button on GXSCC, a drop-down menu of options appears. You can customize the sound of your music. In about a second, the sound changes to the new wav file. After that, you can export the file to your device or GXSCC to listen to it. Then, in the dialogue box that appears, click OK and wait for the “authoring” process to complete. When finished, a WAV file will be created with the same name and directory as the original MIDI.


Nes Vst Fl Studio

Almost everyone online uses this program to create their own soundtracks or NES sounds. The equipment can be used on your computer or a mini keyboard on the side. Many video gamers use FL Studio, especially when creating their own video game sounds. They can happily save their work as a way file using various key instruments and the design of their favorite video game sounds on their dropbox or simply on their pc files.

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