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How To Install Hyperspin On Nvidia Shield

Whatever game you search for, you will also receive a video preview of the game and the option to select your preferred language from English, Chinese, or Korean. You can also connect your own wireless controller. The audio quality is also excellent. and the game runs so well and so quickly, and it works flawlessly. Before you can play the emulators, you must first install the emulator for each of the games that you intend to play. Buy the retro game console on our website

There are of course certain things that you will need before you begin with installing the apps

  • Hard drive
  • Remote
  • Controller


Steps Of Installing The Hyperspin On Your Nvidia Shield:

  • You will need to connect your hard drive to one of the slots in the back of your box.
  • Once connected you will then head over to Google Play Store and you will have to add a few apps:


  1. ES File Explorer
  2. Retroarch
  3. Mame4droid
  4. Hyperspin

Once everything is installed, you can add all of those files to your home screen and don’t forget about the BIOS file. This means that when you installed them, they were saved on your SD card, so you will need to copy and paste the files onto internal storage and then add them to favourites.

Don’t forget to install all of the emulator files to your internal storage, such as:

  • Dolphin
  • apk,
  • emu.apk,
  • emu.apk,
  • emu.apk,
  • emu.apk, and so on.


You can move over after installing all of the emulators and copying and pasting the BIOS files to your internal storage.


You can add your emulators to your home screen if you want to keep them close at hand. Before you can start playing games on Hyperspin, you must first go retroarch in order to load the cores for each of the systems. Just make sure all the emulators have been installed for each game that you will like to play.


Hyperspin Nvidia Shield Android 11

The Hyperspin nVidia shield android 11 appeared to be having compatibility issues ever since version 9.0.0 was introduced. People were having difficulty navigating the emulator with the new version of Android 11 and were unable to access their games. For those looking into gaming console comparisons, particularly between newer models, check out the novo legion go ps5 for insights into how these devices stack up against each other.

Hyperspin Android Pack

You can either go to the Play Store and install Hyperspin on your shield, or you can go to their website and install it from there. Now that you’ve installed the hyper spin, you can take the pack and extract the hyper folder directly into the root of whatever storage drive you choose. If you’re doing it on the main internal, you’ll put it right there; if you’re doing it on the external, you’ll put it right there. For those interested in more retro gaming experiences, learn how to play retro game.

Once you have the file extracted to the internal drive, you will have the hyper spin folder right from there. You will want to have it installed, all the emulators in this folder except for the play release and then once you have done that you will want to download some dreamcast bios files and put them in the folder name specifically ‘dc_boot.bin’.

The next step is to go through all of the emulators that you have installed and ensure that they all work with your controllers, so you will go to each one and set them up and ensure that it is working, and once that is done, you can go hyperspin and launch it, and it should start and then launch each game.


Nvidia Shield Emulator Setup

For this step you will need to ensure that you have added the ROMS folder, retroarch and all the zipped files are unzipped. A Bluetooth controller, an Xbox One controller, or a Playstation 4 controller can be used. On your nvidia shield home screen,  open retroarch so that you can download the cores that you will be needing for your games and set everything up. You will be using your controller to navigate on the screen. The cores you will need to download are under ‘Core Updater’. If you plan on playing CPS games, Capcom games or MAME, make sure you have the proper arcade set.

You only need to install the roms now. On the home screen, navigate to the ‘plus’ sign in the menu top bar, and then select ‘Scan Directory,’ and your SD card will be in storage. Once there, you’ll see the cores you downloaded. Look for ‘Scan this directory.’ When you return to the emulator, click on it and the box art for the games will appear on the side. You can then start playing your games.


4TB Hyperspin Nvidia Shield

The 4TB hyperspin comes with a hard drive enclosure. With Hyperspin, you could play a variety of console and PC games. When you plug the hard drive into your PC, you will notice that it has the setup user guide. Launch the hyperspin from the drive’s root. So you’ll just boot it up and begin your gaming adventure.

The hard drive is configured to use Xbox controllers. When you boot up, you will be greeted by a video splash screen. You can skip the intro sequence and go straight to the system wheels, where you will see some old games as well as some new games that you can enjoy playing. You can play over 40000 games on the hard drive.


Hyperspin Nvidia Shield Update

Since there has been no new information released as to whether the problem has been resolved. Shield Experience upgrade 9.0.1 is a  new alternative upgrade for nVidia shield.

This is what you bring to your android 11 shield TV:

  • Arcade: Mame (use latest core)
  • Atari: 2600, 5200, 7800.
  • Nintendo: NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA.
  • Sega: 32X, Game Gear, Genesis, Master System.

This is a patch release to shield experience and resolve issues in the previous release including:

  • Resolve Plex media server issues
  • Fixes storage permissions on media player, file browser and emulator apps
  • Fixes stutter when playing interlaced content
  • Includes android security patch level september 2021
  • Adds support for aptX compatible Bluetooth headsets
  • Adds option to automatically disconnect bluetooth devices on sleep
  • Adds Stadia button support to Xbox, Playstation, and shield controllers
  • Additional bug fixes
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