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The Best Airplane Games for PS4

The Best Airplane Games for PS4

The PlayStation 4 boasts some of the best flight simulator games available on the market, so much so that they’re often used by flight schools to train new pilots. The following games are some of the best airplane games out there and are just as much fun to play as they are to learn with. Whether you’re looking to become a commercial pilot or just learn more about airplanes, these games will help you get there faster and have more fun in the process!

Outlast 2

Alone or with friends, airplane horror games are an excellent way to get into the spirit of the holidays. With terrifying settings and heart-pounding gameplay, here are some of the best airplane horror games on PS4. What Are the Best PlayStation 4 Flight Simulators? 
Do you want to fly a plane but don’t know where to start? Check out our list of the best flight simulators for PlayStation 4. Find a game that offers more than just realistic graphics! 
How To Download The Most Exciting Action-Plane Simulator Games? 
Whether it’s WW2 fighter planes or World War I biplanes you’re looking for, there are many exciting aircraft simulator games available for download. Read our guide on how to find them!


Just like the game itself, Fortnite’s Battle Royale is a fast-paced, action-packed experience with constantly changing dynamics. With all of the different weapons and equipment, you can find in the world, you’ll be able to switch up your strategy to take out all of your opponents. You’ll have some time to build yourself an impenetrable fort before the final countdown starts and everyone dukes it out for victory. The graphics are stunning, and once you get used to how things work, there’s really nothing else like it on PS4.

Farpoint VR

Farpoint is a first-person shooter set on a hostile alien planet. As the player, you will be equipped with an experimental weapon and be sent to investigate and recover the research team. The game features full VR support with controls that allow you to use both hands while freely exploring the environment. Shoot your way through waves of dangerous indigenous life forms and solve puzzles to discover the fate of the research team.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 

Airplanes are not always a fun place to be. The cramped quarters and the high-stress environment can make anyone claustrophobic. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard provides a nice break from reality by taking you away from the cramped airplane cabin and into the creepy, dimly lit world of Racoon City. The first installment in this series since 2005, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is an intense game that gets your adrenaline pumping as you try to escape from crazed citizens and ghouls. With plenty of puzzles and scares, it is definitely one of the best flying games ps5 out there!

Batman Arkham VR

If you’re looking for a good adventure game to play on your PS4, make sure that you check out Batman: Arkham VR. The game was released in October 2016 and is compatible with the PlayStation 4. It comes with the bonus of being able to fly around Gotham City as Batman in virtual reality. This is one of the best WW2 flying games for PS4 that has ever been created.

Job Simulator 

The best WW2 flying game for the PS4 is IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad. I have reviewed many of these games, but this one is probably the most realistic one out there. It still isn’t perfect, but it has very rich gameplay and very atmospheric surroundings that really make you feel like you’re in Stalingrad during WWII.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 

If you are looking for the best console flying games, then Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game that you should definitely try. This game is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. The PlayStation 4 version of this game has been shown to be one of the best-rated games by Game Rankings and Metacritic. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is such a great game because it can be played solo or cooperatively with friends. In this game, players must use the manual to defuse bombs before time runs out in order to win the round. Players must work together with their teammates to complete puzzles from the manual without communicating with each other verbally in order to come up with solutions that will disable bombs, which may seem impossible at first glance.

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission

Ever dreamed of sitting in the pilot seat of an X-Wing? The Rogue One VR Mission can take you there. With a VR headset and a PS4 flight simulator game, you can fly through the Death Star, dodging obstacles and shooting down TIE Fighters. 
An exclusive bonus mission set in a galaxy far, far away, only available with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Battle as a Rebel fighter and defend your base against the might of Darth Vader’s fleet. Blast from ship to ship with skillful moves and target specific areas to craft strategically effective attack patterns in this thrilling dogfight!

Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition

Minecraft is a great game that teaches the importance of environmental sustainability and has some fun sandbox construction features. Players have unlimited resources to build anything they can imagine (as long as they have the required blocks). It also gives you a good chance to explore your creativity with friends online or via split-screen mode. It’s also got an innovative music feature where players have access to all the instrumental sounds inside their inventory, which you can use at any time. I highly recommend it as one of my personal favorites on the PS4!

EVE Valkyrie V2 

EVE Valkyrie is a shooter game where players pilot interstellar space fighters that blast enemies in their path. It’s one of the best PS4 games and has captured a lot of attention because it was one of the launch titles on PlayStation VR when it came out. EVE Valkyrie may be played with a conventional or Sony PlayStation VR headset, but is not recommended without VR, as flying your ship becomes more immersive when your cockpit surrounds you.

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