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Retro Games



Rich color schemes and new animated elements are what make GameBoy Color such a popular retro game console. New and modernized graphics, characters and levels, made retro games fun on another level. Here are the best games for GameBoy Color you should play right now. Retro Gaming Console (watch it working).




Kirby Tilt N’ Tumble is a GameBoy Color video game that utilized special cartage. It had a tilt sensor built into it so to control the game you wouldn’t use the direction buttons, you would have to tilt the game forward, back, left, or right. You would have to flick the Gameboy for Kirby to jump. That is one of the features that made this retro video game fun to play. It is something that could not be seen before. Those features made this retro game memorable and enjoyable to play. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.


2.      SHANTAE

SHANTAE - Retro Gaming Console

Shantae is a classic retro Gameboy video game. The main character is a half-genie that can kill her enemies by whipping her hair. This game had a lot of features as transforming into various animals and making damage to her hair. The game itself is well made, with the high-quality graphics and soundtracks it is a delight to play. Shantae provides detailed levels and fluid animation.




This game was published in 1999 and got a lot of popularity. It combines platforming, grappling hooks, and sci-fi adventures and challenges. With the shooting and swinging actions, it is interesting to play. The protagonist of this retro video game travels through Karenia. She is on a mission to save it from the evil Arcturus. Bionic Commando: Elite Force was upgraded because of the new mechanics and features. The smooth animation and action-filled gameplay made this one of the best GameBoy Color video games. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.




Pokemon Pinball is another GameBoy Color game published in 1999. The Pokemon franchise gained a lot of popularity since it first came out. Pokemon Pinball is one of the Pokemon-related retro video games that was loved by many. What made this video game enjoyable is critter caching features of the main game and high-quality pinball mechanics. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console. This Pokemon hybrid was one of the best spin-offs. It has different courses hitting different pokemon and racking up high scores. It is one of the most addicting games as reaching higher scores makes you go further. From popping out a bellsprout’s mouth to hitting gold with pokemon as mighty Mewtwo, pokemon fans will find this game addicting. 



METAL GEAR SOLID - Retro Gaming Console

This video game includes giant nuke-wielding bipedal tanks and a lot of action. Metal Gear Solid is also known as a Metal Gear Ghost battle. It is a 2D game with updated mechanics from the later Metal Gear Solid games remakes. Because of the blend of stealth and action, it quickly became one of the best GameBoy Color games.




If you are a fan of retro Nintendo games then you probably already heard about this game. This retro video game was a classic side-scrolling platform game. It had one of the best gameplay for that time. The GameBoy color port of Donkey Kong Country stayed true to the original game. The additional levels Necky nutmer, other upgrades, hidden areas, and different gameplay modes made this retro game enjoyable to play. Donkey Kong Country was applauded for its vibrant graphics as they gave depth to the game. The plot follows Donkey and Diddy on a mission to retrieve Donkey Kong’s banana horde from King K Rool. Donkey Kong’s enemy is a crocodile. There are different levels. Some of them are placed in the jungle, underwater, factories, mountains, ruins, caves, and others. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.




Curse of the Swords is a side-scrolling game with deeply textured graphics. This is a single-player action-adventure game. It follows the same theme and gaming engine as the first Tomb Raider game. What makes this version better are the challenging puzzles players need to solve, new challenges to overcome, and enemies to defeat. This retro video game follows a storyline of a crazy magician who is rising to power in the underworld scene in New Orleans. When she dies one of her followers tried to bring her back to life. Tomb Raider needs to find a cult and break the sword.




Dragon Warrior Monster is one of the best games on Gameboy Color. The fun fact is that it was released before the game console. Dragon Warrior Monster follows the story of the series key characters Terry and Milly. The plot is following their life when they are both children. This is a colorful game with levels that remind us of Legen of Zelda. Dragon Warrior Monsters’ gameplay has a lot of similarities to the Pokemon series. The story is focusing on Terry setting out on a quest to save his sister Milly. He is not fighting enemies himself, he is using monsters to fight instead of him. Players need to defeat the evil monster and go through all the challenges. My favorite game that I play on my Retro Gaming Console.




This is one of the best Pokemon Gameboy Color games. The fun of it is in battling other trainers as in the mainstream series. With the popularity of physical cards, this game made it more convenient to experience battle. Players could collect cards on their Gameboy Color console. The key of the Pokemon Trading Card Game is to challenge 8 club masters and 4 grandmasters. As you beat your opponent you win different cards.



Super Mario Bro. Delux upgraded the game by adding a simultaneous multiplayer mode, a new challenge mode, and many newly created actioned packed levels. Although you might think that it is just a remake of the original series, that is not the truth. Super Mario Bro. Delux has a lot of new and surprising features to guarantee a completely new look at the original story. The Mushroom Kingdom is an uproar after the Koopas have used their dark manage to turn its citizens into blocks, bricks, and mushrooms. This king of the Koppas has stolen the princess Peach. Mario needs to save the citizens and the princess. This storyline showed its popularity since the beginning and this retro game made it even better. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.


GameBoy Color changed the retro video games world and made many people fall in love with video games. These are the best GameBoy Color retro video games you should play if you want to have fun.

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Retro Games

Best Games for Game Boy/Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Color – Retro Gaming Console


The Best Game Boy Games of All Time



The Nintendo Game Boy made its debut back in 1989. It might not look exciting right now. But at that time, it was one of the most relevant gaming devices for many people. You can also play it on your Retro Gaming Console (watch it working).


The good thing about being a Game Boy owner was that everyone had a massive list of games. As confirmed, there are over 1000 titles of games hosted on Nintendo’s Game Boy. Many of them are good games. But some of them are the best.


For some of us, the Game Boy was a part of our childhood life. You might have come to this page to have nostalgic memories. Or, perhaps, you have seen the games somewhere and been curious about the classic games offered by this device.


Here are the best games for Game Boy, Gameboy Advance, or Gameboy Color.




Shantae is arguably the underdog platformer game that struggled to compete with the Contra series. It is about a young girl who wants to retrieve a stolen prototype steam engine from pirates.


As the player, you will play the character to explore Sequin, a magical world where you can transform into various animals using Shantae’s dance magic.


Wario Land 3

Wario Land 3 - Retro Gaming Console

Wario is a puzzle-based platformer game. At a glance, it might look like a Mario game. But it is a different game in nature. It is more puzzle-based rather than action-packed. In this game, you will have five quests to finish to find the artifacts. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.


Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Six Golden Coins was released ten years before the top seller, Super Mario World. This next-level Mario game offers the player excellent gameplay and new creatures, as well as vehicle segments. In this edition, Mario gets swallowed by a giant fish. The adventure is within the creature’s body.


Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong - Retro Gaming Console

If you’ve been around following Nintendo, I am sure you have heard about this title. Donkey Kong is a unique arcade game that takes on the main character named Donkey Kong. The platforming puzzle game has over 100 levels to overcome. Be ready to be challenged. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.





It is a puzzle-based game that has its uniqueness. When we expect that the main character of a great game is something straight, like a human, robot, or anything else, Kwirk does something else. The main character is a tomato.


And this tomato even has a girlfriend! When his girlfriend was kidnapped, he tried his best to rescue her in the underground labyrinth. Kwirk has more block puzzles to overcome compared to the other games.


Harvest Moon GB

Harvest Moon GB

You are tasked by your grandfather with taking care of the family farm. It is all yours. What do you think about it? For most people, it is an excellent opportunity to improve their lives. If you do think so, you can start working right now.


Harvest Moon is a game for all people. It was the best life simulation game at that time. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.


Metal Gear Solid


I’d recommend this game to those who are still holding the Game Boy right now. Metal Gear Solid on different platforms has attracted a lot of players. The significant impact is almost similar to the Game Boy environment. It is a stealth-centric action-packed game with a great premise. The players will be astonished by the storyline and the fantastic gameplay. There was not anything like Metal Gear Solid back then. 



Tetris - Retro Gaming Console

Tetris is a long-lasting game. If we are talking about the series, there are many versions from year to year. Nowadays, this addictive puzzle game has its segmented fan base across the globe.


But the journey started over thirty years ago. The first Tetris release was in August 1989. The puzzle game has quickly become a favorite amongst Game Boy holders. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.


The player will be challenged to move the falling blocks into the match place. Thanks to Tetris, it made such great sales numbers for the Game Boy system. According to the official source, the original Tetris has sold over 35 million copies. It was a huge success.



Pokemon Games

Pokemon Games - Retro Gaming Console

And I am not only talking about one Pokemon game but all of the series. Pokemon Red/Blue was released in 1998. But then, you will also want to take a look at the sequels, including Yellow, Gold/Silver, and Crystal. Those are all the successful games. If you’re a Pokemon lover, it is only natural that you want to catch them all.


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The Princess Zelda adventure is an excellent attraction to the game. The character wakes up on the shores of a mysterious island. The puzzle quests challenge the player to overcome. This game has taken a massive step for Sega to advance to the 3DS virtual console. Play it on your Retro Gaming Console.


Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid II: Return of Samus - Retro Gaming Console

The Metroid flare elements that come in this game have their unique attractions. In this game, you will be joining Samus on a special mission to eliminate Metroid creatures from their home planet, called SR388. You have a big task to enter the Samus Crusades. We can say that it is one of the most underdog games since many people hate it. But I am one of the huge fans of this game. 



The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages & Seasons


Capcpom presented something special for Zelda game fans. The twin titles of the franchise offer a fantastic adventure. But that’s not all. They can interact with each other through Game Link Cables and a password system. This will tweak the journeys and progress of each player.

Mega Man V

Mega Man V

Mega Man V was a masterpiece from Capcom. The premise was so interesting that it could induce regular Game Boy players to purchase the particular games.


A group of powerful robots invaded the Earth. The Stardroids are too powerful to handle by the conventional defense system. Here is where the Mega Man fills in the gap. You will save the world by playing Mega Man. My favorite game that I play on my Retro Gaming Console.


Kirby’s Dream Land

Kirby's Dream Land

If you are craving some funny cloud puffs, then this game is for you. This is a fun and relaxing game with a lot of pink and other bright colors. The developers of the game focused on targeting young players. It has simple game mechanics and easy gameplay. If you want to play a “peaceful” game, it is a go-to for you. It is also suitable for kids of all ages.





So, what is your favorite Game Boy game? Let us know in the comment section below.


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