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Gaming has come a long way since its inception. Technological advancements have undoubtedly given modern games a unique touch, enabling them to provide gamers with one in a lifetime experience. Yet, retro gaming continues to thrive.

Indeed, it appears that people switch to modern games, only to revert to retro games after a short while. Why? What is it about old retro video games that continue to give them an edge over the modern options? Why is retro gaming so popular?

Retro gaming is popular because it is affordable yet cheerful. These retro games make gaming accessible for all. The graphics aren’t overwhelming, and the unique music is a nice touch. They have more imaginative storylines and offer a more interactive experience to the gamers. They are pretty challenging too, but cheat codes are available to get to the next phase.

People tend to view the popularity of retro gaming quite superficially. They attribute it to nostalgia. But the reality is pretty different. The truth is that retro video games have plenty to offer. And this is something that only retro video gamers will understand. If you have only stuck to the modern games, you won’t know what you are missing. Here’s how retro gaming manages to beat modern games.

What Makes Retro Gaming More Popular Among the Masses?

First things first, let’s make clear what is referred to as retro video games. Typically, all the games belonging to two generations ago are identified as retro. There’s more to it but for now, let’s stick to this definition.

Despite the popularity of retro gaming, many continue to credit it all to nostalgia. Of course, nostalgia undoubtedly has a role to play. Retro video gamers use these games to relive the happiest moments of their lives. But is that all?

Would gamers really be willing to spend so much time for nostalgia if these games didn’t have more to offer? Unlikely! Let’s dig deeper and find out the real reason why retro gaming is popular.

1. Affordable Retro Games With Heart In The Right Place

Yes, old retro video games didn’t really have the modern touch. The designers didn’t have access to the many advanced tools that are trending today. But that definitely did not prove to be a hindrance for them. They continued to make memorable games with what they have.

Games like Mario Kart Double Dash still bring immense happiness to the gamers. Most of the latest video games are pretty expensive. But retro video games are easily available second hand and therefore are more accessible.

The problem with new consoles and games is that they are too expensive.  There’s always a chance that you wouldn’t enjoy a game as much as you anticipate. Will you be willing to take the risk with an expensive video game? Retro gaming offers a much safer alternative.

2. Old Retro Video Games Make Gaming Accessible For All

Indeed, there’s no dearth of retro video gamers out there. There’s a huge community that still prefer retro computer games.

More often than not, retro games are ones that the whole family can play together. So there’s a chance for the whole family to come together and have a great time.

3. The Ample Creativity In Retro Video Games

Developers really didn’t have access to tools to create realistic graphics. It is evident from the current line of games that developers are hell-bent on providing lifelike graphics. Indeed, the gameplay is sometimes compromised due to this.

Of course, we can’t deny that graphics add character to the game. But it’s not graphics alone that makes up a game engaging and captivating. Developers of retro games did what they good. They worked hard to create an exciting environment with interesting characters.

These games have incredible storylines. There’s originality and freshness to them. Developers worked hard to develop a plot for their games since this was what drove the game, unlike the current trends. It appears that gaming developers have run out of ideas now. They revert to the same concepts time and again, focusing more on graphics.

Hence, retro gaming is more about the characters and story than about graphics. The graphics don’t overwhelm the gaming experience.

4. The Unique Music Of Retro Games

The current crop of video games has amazing soundtracks, some of them sung by professionals. But they lack the charm of the music of retro games.

Back then, developers couldn’t incorporate actual instrumental music into the games. Hence they come up with their own version and genre of music. And the music is quite catchy and innovative, which makes the gaming experience all the more fun.

5. Time For Social Interaction With Retro Gaming

Modern gaming mainly revolves around online multiplayer option. While this does make things more convenient, it compromises the gaming experience.

You end up missing out on the fun of playing a game with a friend by your side. This is why when it’s time for friends get together, retro computer games are given special attention.

6. No Time To Wait To Play Retro Games

With retro gaming, you can simply plug in and play your favorite game. You don’t end up wasting time due to system or game update.

Most consoles now require an internet connection which is another hassle you have to deal with before actually getting to the game. But if you are playing old retro video games, there’s no such issue. You can simply plug in the game and get started!

7. Access To Cheat Codes In Computer Retro Games

People take cheat codes way too seriously today. Using cheat codes in retro games makes you feel like a genius. And after all, the developers left these loopholes for you to make use of.

Newer games have extreme measures in place to prevent cheats which kind of takes the fun out of it.

8. It’s Time For A Challenge With Retro Gaming

Despite the many limitations, developers of retro video games really knew how to create a truly challenging game. For instance, it took gamers many tries to beat the Super Mario Bros. Getting through a retro game isn’t easy. And the modern games aren’t really challenging enough.

There’s No Looking Back From Retro Gaming

Once you have hooked to retro gaming, there’s no turning back for you. The thing with modern games is that they give you too much control. You can customize the characters, save the game at any given point and play with anyone from around the world. The essence of gaming is lost somewhere.

Hence, next time you start wondering why is retro gaming so popular, plug in a computer retro game and let the fun begin. You will find your answer soon enough!

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